Or dry and cracked? Which is it for you?

Of all the creative people in the world, I got to interview SARK.

Even her name is creative, standing for Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy. I met her almost 20 years ago when I attended her workshop at the Omega Institute in NY called Juicy Pens… Thirsty Paper.  I had just published my first article in Reiki News Magazine and I was thirsty to learn more about writing.

I was ecstatic when I was contacted to have her on my Empowered Spirit Show podcast to talk about the 25th Anniversary of her book, Succulent Wild Woman.

A succulent is a plant that nourishes itself from the environment and then shares that nourishment with the world, according to SARK who goes on to describe succulence as ripe, juicy, whole, wild, and deep.

Looking energetically at this, because it’s what I do, I take this as meaning energy comes in and energy goes out. So putting two and two together, I could say I was succulent.  

I take in energy and I share my light with the world. 🌹

It’s the juicy, wild, creative part that I was having trouble with.  

I confess. I struggle with having fun and wildness in my life.  Part of me wants to, and part of me just stays sooooo serious.  I know I am creative, but that seemed a little dried up too.

Where was that full succulence? Why did I have this struggle?  Do you?

I noticed some of the trouble I was having, was that I was caught up in this crazy world. Because I’m an empath, I found myself taking in more energy than I was shining out.  And not necessarily the good energy, I might add.

Unconsciously, during the night as I slept, my Spirit would travel and open up and pull in energy, the turmoil, the stress, the anger, the fear, from the world around me.

Even knowing about energetic boundaries and how important they are for empaths, I had forgotten that the Spirit can travel at night and even while we sleep pick up energy.

I was attracting so much energy from the mass consciousness, it was affecting me every single day. My wake-up routine was taking me longer and longer to clear the energies, cut the cords, tap it out and raise my vibration.

I’m all in for a good meditation practice every morning, but 3 hours! It was taking over my life.  Every morning I couldn’t understand why I had all these energies inside of me when basically everything was pretty good around me.  

Juicy and wild seemed so unattainable.

Talking about this with some of my best Empaths and Intuitive peers (my colleagues)  we decided I needed a nighttime ritual, a way to protect my energy while I slept.  

So I created one.

Each night, as I turned the light out, I would offer a short blessing for my Spirit as I intentionally pulled my energy in around me.  In essence, I would shield myself as I slept.

At first, I was a little concerned, would it affect my sleep?  What about my dream time?

But I tried it anyway.  I wanted to feel the fun and laughter again. I wanted to build my succulence back.

I didn’t want not to feel what was going on but I wanted my joy back.

I wanted to feel embody that succulent wild woman within me. I wanted pleasure in my life.

It was working as I noticed one morning waking with laughter, jumping out of bed to start my day!  No more struggling each morning.

I’m still working on the wildness, but I will share, that I added a lavender gloss to my hair!  So maybe not totally wild, but getting there.

It works.  As empaths, we don’t have to hold the heaviness of the world on our shoulders. We recognize it but we need to let it flow through us so that we continue to care and have compassion for humanity and still be able to find the wild, succulent energy raising the vibration and shining that light back out into the world!

We all need some wild, juicy succulence right now!

Want to hear how you can bring more succulence into your life? Listen to the podcast episode by clicking here.

July 29, 2022


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