Confessions of an



by Terri ann heiman

Why do Empaths struggle with mediation?

I love owning my own business but, here it comes, another confession… I really dislike the sales part. I hate asking the ask. You know, the asking for money! As an empath, asking for money brings up thousands of insecurities and doubts. I wonder if I’m really good enough. I wonder if they think I’m really good enough to […]

I confess. I know I am supposed to be better at not taking on other people’s energy. I teach my students about protecting their energy. If I was to be really honest, I have to admit that during the pandemic the fear of the world had taken over my energy. Fear was everywhere. Fear of […]

Just figuring out you are an Empath? Or did you always know? Maybe you always knew you were sensitive.   That’s me.. the supersensitive one. All my early life, I was told to stop being so sensitive. And to quit my crying.  Yep!  I’m a crier. I feel deep and my heart runneth over with tears. […]