Just figuring out you are an Empath?

Or did you always know?

Maybe you always knew you were sensitive.  

That’s me.. the supersensitive one.

All my early life, I was told to stop being so sensitive. And to quit my crying.  Yep!  I’m a crier. I feel deep and my heart runneth over with tears.

When I first found out what was “up” with me and my sensitivity, I wasn’t surprised, yet I was eager to learn more.

No google back then so it was more about taking some classes, asking questions and noticing my energy around others.  I noticed how I could only sit on the outside of a row in a group or auditorium, and I notice how I got shy in large groups. I noticed how I always have needed down time to myself because I was always shifting my emotions to fit others… back and forth.. draining!

The more I studied, the more I came across some great tools to help me turn this sometimes curse into a superpower.  Tools like divination, the pendulum, oracles and the tarot!

Divination helps to read unseen energy.

The Pendulum can help you determine yes or no answers to troublesome decisions.

The Tarot is a set foundation of cards, suits and collective meanings that offer a therapy session for your Spirit, as I like to say about my own Empowered Spirit Tarot deck.

And the Oracles, which in these modern times, have a little more openness in creative expression and meanings.  It’s up to the creator of the deck to bring the message and wisdom of the deck out with the intentions of their Oracles.

Just recently, I stumbled upon the The Empath’s Oracle with The Everyday Empath created by Raven Digitalis and brought him on my Empowered Spirit Show podcast.

The images, radiant colors and spiritual beauty open up the imaginable realm and allow for your consciousness to open up and expand so that you can have a better understanding of your energy… high vibes or dark lows.

These oracle cards happen to have messages all about helping you understand your Empath Energy! 

For instance, the very first card is all about boundaries and how you can create energetic boundaries to help you in your life as an Empath!  Energetic boundaries is one of the main tools an Empath needs and the next step in understanding your energy.  It is also something many empaths forget about or feel intimating in setting.

Empaths are so misunderstood!

Empaths have gotten a bad rap but mainly because of the shadow side of the energy.  The part where empaths get drained and become the doormat or lose themselves.  

Sound familiar?

It does make you want to hide because there is always more than meets the eye. Yet Raven, the author of this deck, includes the shadow work in the cards to help you learn and grown through awareness. As we discuss on the podcast, you read the cards when they show up and if the shadow cards turn over, time to shine some light on that darkness held deep, deep within. 

Shining your light on the darkness is very healing.

Really, the point of divination, oracles and the tarot is to help you slow down, presence your energy and allow for the messages that can help you grow along your path.

Once you recognize the empath in you, the next step is to presence your energy as you open up to the wisdom of your Energy. Build your skills and especially your boundaries!  

You get to choose who you hang out with and who you share, or don’t share, your energy with.Finding tools and techniques that will take you deeper into understanding your ability to perceive energy as an empath can become, as we say working in the imaginal realm,  your superpower!

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July 20, 2022


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