As this podcast goes to air we are heading into the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, April 8th, 2024.

As I have been talking about these past several weeks, eclipses are often times of revelation, as well as the hidden secrets rising to light, and are reminiscent of the activity of the human psychological shadow. It is said that these current eclipse have similar energy to the eclipse of 2006.  Where were you then? What was going on in your life?

For me, I was deep in the midst of learning about spirituality and how it was helping me in my life; coming out of divorce, taking care of myself and my children, and helping others develop this path of self awareness.  No surprise that I find myself deeper into this path with new teachers and a new understanding through letting go of old patterns and old wounds.

I find myself raw and vulnerable similar to how vulnerable I was feeling back then, yet knowing and sensing big changes are on the horizon.

Where are you right now on your path? Are you noticing what’s going on? What are you involved in? How are your emotions? What is your spiritual practice? What do you keep telling yourself over and over?

Ready to break free from the past? Eclipses are powerful teachers.

They bring things to the surface to be cleared away, and something new can take root in your life. 

The lunar eclipse was about endings and closures while this solar eclipse is about new beginnings and moving toward living your soul purpose.

Do you need some guidance on how to make these changes.. how to slow down.. and how to bring in the messages of your soul.

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In today’s episode, I have an enlightening conversation with Peter Coyote on the practice of Buddhism. His latest book is Zen in the Vernacular – Things as it is.

The conversation is open. We talk about what Buddhism is and isn’t. We talk politics. We talk about religion. We even talk about the war in the Middle East. We also talked about what all this has to do with Buddhism. 

Peter Coyote is an award-winning actor, narrator, and Zen teacher. He is recognized for his acting in 160 films, including E.T., Outrageous Fortune, Bitter Moon, and Erin Brockovich.  His narration works include over 140 documentaries. He narrated the PBS series The Pacific Century, winning an Emmy Award, as well as fourteen Ken Burns documentaries, including The Roosevelts, for which he won a second Emmy. In 2011 he was ordained as a Zen Buddhist priest and in 2015 received “transmission” from his teacher, making him an independent Zen teacher who has ordained his own priests. The author of several books—Sleeping Where I Fall, The Rainman’s Third Cure, and Tongue of a Crow (poems)—including The Lone Ranger and Tonto Meet Buddha and the book we will talk about today, Zen in the Vernacular published by Inner Traditions. He lives in northern California with two dogs, and tries to play his guitar an hour a day.

Website Facebook Facebook page Instagram Book YouTube Email:sfzencoyote@gmail.com

Zen teachings:

– No guru .. don’t put any head above your own

-Dependent origination – nothing exists alone Self is just awareness – guest is the body – it comes and goes

Buddha taught 4 things:

1) Dukka – affliction – Birth- death – physical pain- grief – longing – noble truth – this is real. Suffering is real. It’s not a product of a spiritual lack of development. It’s not your fault – 

2) Samudaya – arising – thoughts arise Meditation teaches that you can contain anything that arises

3) Nirodha – Containment – Cessation – The actual sitting and practicing meditation teaches that you can contain anything that arises – the problem comes from fleeing.. fundamental nature – half positive / half negative – we honor it all – both are within –

4) Marga – the Path – Practice – the way of walking and modeling the path 

“Every single person I meet is an expression of the universe. They are made of the universe and the same stuff I am made of.” 

Buddhism concentrates on the relationship between people, and so does politics. 

The war in the Middle East is hard to understand. We can all agree that little children shouldn’t be hurt or women. It is all our responsibility.

We are all connected.  We are responsible for treating everyone sacred. 

Everything is sacred.  We are not separate from the Earth 

Make kindness a habit.

Any problem we have in the culture is everyone’s problem.

Lack of kindness, empathy, compassion – just another bozo on the bus.

Going to church for an hour a week is not enough. It is an everyday, all day, practice.

Simple practice when confused or troubled and you don’t know what to do. Take a long, easy exhale through the nose – focus on the breath – 2x . The beginner’s mind. It will get you back to ground level.

Each breathe is a new opportunity for a changed state

You are the expression of your Spirit.

Be sure to check out Peter’s work. Reach out to him if you have questions.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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April 6, 2024


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