As this podcast goes to air we have moved through the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury (retrograde), Venus, and Chiron all in Aries, it’s has opened us up to a time of bold new beginnings and forging a path into the future.

This energy is dynamic and potent, urging you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace change.

To me, the moment I loved the most was the pause.. when we were in that moment of totality.. even if it was only partial from where you were; there was still a moment when the energy of this eclipse connected energies in a we-are-all-one-moment.

There is so much power in a pause… so much power in what is coming forward for each.

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In today’s episode, I wanted to bring forward a powerful message that I channeled in moving through this portal of light.

Take a moment to center and ground so that you can recieve this message for you.

Recognize places within you that are growing stronger. The places you have been healing have now shown you your strength. It is a time to come forward on your path with this renewed confidence. These are places that allow you to feel this shift. Notice that you don’t have to struggle here anymore. This is how the eclipse has brought you through this portal.

You may even begin to feel a little bored with these old stories as it no longer serves your path.. only the lessons learned is what is important. Recognize the stories aren’t the driving forces.. the lessons are.

You no longer have to live in these wounds, but it is up to you to rise above. This is what we mean by stepping up to a new level.

Allow yourself to feel this freedom now.

So much light prior to the eclipse poured down on us to allow each of us to bring in these new light codes. Did you notice this? In the midst of the duration of the eclipse was a quieting, a rare pause for all mankind to reset with these new codes.

How will your Soul translate them for you?

Do not resist this, even if it feels raw to you. The brain is recalibrating. Your work with this will depend on how you can transmute the old energy and rewire the brain with this brilliant source of light that has come in.

It will allow you to remember you are the soul that is only housed in this physical body.

You may notice periods of feeling tired. This is for you to allow yourself to rest, to continue to find moments of pausing, to rewire this within you, and to allow the soul to gather new strengths. It, too, is recalibrating your path.

It could be easy to go back into the old energy as that is what the intellect may be telling you yet deep within you recognize these light codes from the cosmic order of the stars and moon and planets.

Allow new information to come in for you by simply getting still each and every day.

You may feel your life is redundant right now becuae you are craving a renewed sense of your purpose.

These next several weeks are very imporatant for your growth.

Do you speed by them. It may not feel like the party everyone else is making the eclipse to be.  Rather it is deep and very personal right now. You are the one that has taken in this energy. You are the one that is living your path. You are the one that has been healing these old wounds.

Allow the spiirt that represents your soul in this lifetime to shine.  Allow it to grow without restraint.

It may feel odd yet exhilirating at the same time. Hopefully you have been creating changes in yoru routine so that you aren’t overwhelmde by this new path your soul is guiding you on.

If you find yourself in chaos, relax into the energy and rememver your soul is guiding your to the changes we are all recognizing.

Be sure to ground with you Mother Earth. She holds a big part of this equation for you. She will help you through these changes but you must do your part and be outside with her. Feet on the earth and breath with her breath. Let the wind move through you. Let the sun shine into you and empower your solar plexus.

Take it in.

It is from here you will move forward on your path to greater heights.  Allow for this transmutation of energy to occur. Do not be in a hurry.  There is still much to be downloaded from the cosmos.

Move through these next several weeks with grace. Watch your words and how you communicate with others.

Show kindness to all living things. Remember our four legged friends have also gone through a shift as well as the beautiful birds and other small creatures.  We are all one. Notice their shifts as thiese can be great signs for you too.

Do not compare yourself to anyone right now.. Every living being is shifting.  There will be many that don’t even notice this shift.

It will be of great help to you to take conscious breaths and to allow yourself to go deeper within. This slowing down has the keys to the answers you seek which is all within you but you must slow down to be present to be able to interpret the meanings.

You have the great ability to do this.

Ya so se go.. may ha ah yay.. oh say my.. yua ha ya ya

You are the source of your power now. It has been given and received… all is as it is.

Allow the spirit that represents your soul in this lifetime to shine. 

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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April 13, 2024


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