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As this podcast goes to air, the light of the moon is increasing, magnifying your energy, your intentions out into the world.

Are you focusing on the positive aspects of your life, or are you focused on the drama and negativity? 

Good questions to be asking right now.

You can rewrite the things you tell yourself about the past and the people in your life. You may not be able to change the past, but you can change the story you tell yourself about it.

As the light builds to the next full moon you may notice an intensity that can stir up emotions often buried deep below the surface of your being. It’s been an intense year, and a lot of what you … each of us.. has been going through could start to surface as we approach this last full moon of the year.

We have lots of Neptune energy coming in so check in with your dreams and reflect on them and on your relationships.. 

Knowing your truth … your voice.. your Spirit …is so valuable at this time. 

I know for me it’s been a rough year.. personally and professionally …and if I didn’t have my spiritual practice to turn to each day, I am not quite certain where I would be right now.

And that’s where the RITES come in to help you move through all this stuff! It is time to take a leap in consciousness. Getting out of your comfort zone and breaking free of your old fears is very important.

Finding way to tend to the struggles of your life  with the tools that offer you RITES for your everyday can add inspiration and amusement, and joy.

Rites being Reiki.. intuition.. tarot.. eft and stones and crystals. 

It can free you from unnecessary stress that Is going on in the world.

All these cosmic forces and energy alignments, I talk about on my Energy Focus for the week which you can find live on Sunday nights on Instagram and FB. We talk about what’s going on, we align our energy, set intentions  for the week and I pull the Tarot cards for guidance. If you can’t join me live get on my email list and you will receive the energy focus first thing on Monday mornings. 

As we move through these comic transitions, now is the time to clean up your energy with an energy clearing session.  Schedule one now.. in person or online. When you work with the energy body, it helps to release the old patterns and all that  old stuff.  Links will be in the show notes.

When you start going within and connecting to your soul and your spirit, you will find your answers.

In today’s episode, I speak with April Adams Petrius.  April has been so helpful to me this year with her support and guidance… never judging … as she helped me open up more to my story and empower my voice. I wanted to  being her on the show and talk about her work … changing women’s lives through storytelling and visibility.  We talk about getting vulnerable, what happens when we open up our voices, helping women see their power, truth, visibility and how all this can help build relationships in your community.

April Adams Pertuis is a Visibility and Media specialist. She is in the business of storytelling. Her philosophy is “everyone has a story” and she’s fascinated with getting to the Core of what that story is. April’s career spans more than 30 years as a journalist, producer, writer, and positive encourager. She is an award-winning video journalist who has worked for CBS Television, HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, and numerous private industries where she has interviewed thousands of people and crafted their story as a result. 

Today, April works with people and brands to help them tell their story in a more authentic way so they can reach more customers, attract new clients, grow their audience, and ultimately tap into their true power. 

One of her favorite components of storytelling is piecing the puzzle together to craft a compelling, emotional and meaningful story that touches others. No matter what the business is, what the product is, what the service is — the heart of people is always what matters! 

April’s passion created the Lightbeamers Community on Facebook to give women a private and safe space to have open & honest conversations about life, business, personal growth, and spirituality. She also launched her own podcast titled The Inside Story Podcast, where she takes listeners behind inspiring success stories of different men and women, including her own. 

April has studied under mentors Marie Forleo and Gabrielle Bernstein to further her knowledge and understanding of business and spirituality, and how the they co-exist in today’s modern world. She is also a deeply devoted member of her church, where she has served in many leadership roles, including being ordained as a Deacon. 

Her thirst for anything personal development & spiritual growth is never-ending, and her enthusiasm and positive energy is infectious. April leads retreats, workshops, and storytelling symposiums throughout the year to take women on a storytelling journey — helping them tap into their authentic voice and learn the power of their words. 

Her motto is “when we share our stories, we shine our light” — and her goal is to have women share their journey more openly so it may inspire others to do the same. 

When she’s not spinning her ideas into projects, April spends a good amount of time volunteering in her community because “when you do good, good comes to you”. She also spends her time chasing her two kids and dreaming of her next vacation to quiet beaches with her husband. Forever a “girl of summer”, April enjoys anything related to the summer sun — beaches, pools, hiking, lakes, rivers, backyard BBQ’s, and spending time family and friends.

Yes.. as April says… when you are empowered to honor your truth (not run away from it or be ashamed of it) you ignite your light which in turns helps others to shine theirs. 

Check out April’s offerings and come join the Lightbeamers Community on Facebook. Follow her on Instagram.

Her first book, “Elevate Your Voice” is a due out Spring 2022. A collaboration of women’s voices under the guidance of April and Lanette Pottle. What an amazing project!

Come on over to my website at terriannheiman.com.  check out the podcast, the Energy Focus, my upcoming Intuitive Path Group and my Spiritual Retreat – Costa Rica 2022 – Reiki Shamanism. And pick up a piece of jewelry while you are there.

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Reach out for a spiritual upgrade to help you navigate the waters of 2022.  Get the Rites into your everyday life.

Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


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December 11, 2021


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