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As this podcast goes to air, we are coming out of the eclipse season and out of Mercury Retrograde. So much intensity in the cosmos… a true reflection of what is going on in the collective and what is going on within you.

How did you process all this energy?

Do you feel like you are on a roller coaster? It is easy to feel the huge swings of energy and to feel like you are even upside down at times… inside out??

Have you lost a little faith in your path? With all that is going on it can feel like that… isolation.. loneliness.. fear of what’s next.

How do you know what to do next?  Where is your Spirit?

Who are you listening to?

It is a great time to create a spiritual practice so that you have a practice. You can tune into it each day to ask these questions and to listen to what messages come in for you.

Or maybe you already have a practice but you’ve kinda gotten lost on your path. I know it happens. It has happened to me plenty of times.  I’ve had to makeover my spiritual practice… find new teachers.. ask the hard questions… but it does work. 

If you are wondering how you even begin (there is so much information out there)  schedule a Spiritual Makeover Call with me.  I have a few new openings in my private mentoring. Soon I’ll be opening my Energy Mastery Membership again so let’s see, on this call, what you can do to get Let’s see if my programs are a match for you.

On today’s episode, I wanted to bring on a guest, one of my teachers who I met in December in Teotihuacan.  From the moment we met, she got me.  She saw me and what I was moving through. 

You may have heard me talk about this trip and the amazing shits that occurred and the transmutation of energy that happened for me and how it shifted me to exactly where I needed to be shifted. 

Instrumental in that was the help of Rita Rivera Fox.  She saw my tears, she felt my pain and helped me to turn this all around and to face the emotions …not in my mind but embody them. Very powerful

In this episode, we talk about the Toltec Path, Don Miguel, the Four Agreements, dreaming, the power we each hold, creating heaven on earth and what that means, and how you are your medicine.

Rita Rivera Fox is a renowned retreat leader and spiritual mentor who inspires individuals in their quest for creating a life of true authenticity and emotional well-being by demonstrating how to create an empowering relationship between mind, body, and spirit. Rita’s approach is to illuminate the dynamic interaction between belief and emotion—and with greater awareness, create an expanded state of consciousness that inspires living from the heart center. Her much sought-after transformational teachings are a fusion of ancient Shamanic wisdom and current healing modalities that transforms lives.

Rita co-taught with Don Miguel Ruiz and worked closely with his mother, Sarita Vasquez, a powerful curandera/faith healer. Before becoming a Toltec Master teacher, she apprenticed with Native American Shamans, becoming a revered ceremonial leader.

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 The gap – the death of one dream before the new dream is created.  This is where you find your power to create from your soul level.

Conversation points:

  • Whatever loss or whatever is falling away, is an opportunity is underneath it all.
  • Trust feelings and rely less on thinking
  • Create heaven on earth which is finding our expanded self – being awake – spirt and bringing it into the human part of us.
  • Teo – why it is so powerful – a place that was built and dedicated for men and women to come to become their Divine God.  An imprint for how we do it to become.
  • Every mystery school has a process in that we become our real selves.
  • Learn to recognize it.
  • 4 Agreements- originally a code of conduct – 
  • Too superstitious – break them down for the modern-day person to understand.
  • don Miquel Ruiz- Voice of Knowledge – false self to become the true self
  • Pain body – claiming your power – assist in service, your own stuff comes up – the shadow – unresolved emotions
  • Rediscovery of the power of our womb
  • Bypassed the lower chakras – development in the upper chakras – shadow hits – purification – sheds light on what we haven’t brought to light – imperative for a healer
  • A dedicated seeker will always find their way to their shadow
  • Living in alignment

What does it take for a sensitive to move through the pain, heartache, and abandonment, to become an even better human and step up to service?

As Rita teaches… “We are the Medicine. We are the ones we have been waiting for, and together we shall raise each other up with our celebration of Life.”

This retreat to the ancient city of Teotihuacan will help you reconnect with your truth within, and to the practice of faith that inspires transformation.  July 27 – August 1 Mexico City Extension – August 1 – 3


The Empowered Spirit Show – Catch Your Spirit through Spirit Recovery (ReleasedOct 28, 2013)

My Trip to Teo – Soulfully Closing 2022

This is a very powerful time right now to learn how to harness your energy and process your emotions to open to the divine light that you are. 

Your energy matters in how you show up.

We as a society, need to move beyond the mind, open our hearts and feel the joy our soul brings us.

Tap into that authentic self, the self that you came in with. Not the false self you’ve been running around with, but your true, authentic self.

It’s time.

It’s time to come out of isolation, let go of the loneliness of these past few years, and find the strength within you to monetize your energy, to live an abundant life.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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May 13, 2023


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