WITCH: Divine Alignments With the Primordial Energies of Magick & Cycles of Nature

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As this podcast goes to air, we are in the eclipse energy… a time that is offering you the opportunity to look at all the relationships, including the one with yourself.. your soul.

What have you been noticing? Are you in conflict with others… or maybe just yourself?

Is how you want to show up different than how you are showing up? 

This is what the energies are asking you to understand right now. 

We open up to the Scorpio energies next week (just in time for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse), which is a magical time that brings you the opportunity to face your deepest shadows, accept them, and grow with them instead of away from them.

This season teaches you how to become your own shaman, alchemist, psychologist, and WITCH as we all travel to the deepest layers of our beings. It brings in the courage to face your whole self and a willingness to be honest about every aspect of your energy. 

Our soul wants us to accomplish something this lifetime. Each of us has a purpose, and it will keep calling us until we pay attention to it. This upcoming Full Moon can help you feel it, if you allow it. Once you know your purpose, it’s then up to you to pursue it.

Pursuing your purpose in life can feel daunting. It may require career shifts or big moves to new locations. It may also ask you to say goodbye to certain people or habits. This eclipse season helps you recognize anything in the way of you pursuing your purpose so that you can release it to step forward.

Want to go deeper and learn some tools to help you upgrade your spiritual practice and create these new agreements with yourself?  Schedule a Spiritual Makeover Breakthrough Call with me, and let’s see how this program can help you. 

In today’s episode, as we approach the energy of Halloween, I wanted to circle back around to the concept of WITCH and how important this archetypal energy is right now.  How do you see this energy? Is it something you embrace or hide away?

My guest today is Rev. Valerie Love, who has created a truly magickal book, “Witch: Divine Alignments With the Primordial Energies of Magick & Cycles of Nature.”

Her work encourages the reclaiming and honoring of the Witch within all of us. She brings forward the integrity of the Witch Archetype and all the power this holds.

In this episode, we talk about the Witch as an ancient archetype, alive and thriving in the deep unconscious of all.   She is the phoenix and proof that what was once burned was never lost, only reborn from the ashes.

Rev. Valerie Love (aka KAISI) calls herself a Christian Witch, and we get into what that means. We also talk about the Witch’s Code, empowerment, fear, acceptance, mother earth, wayseerer, light and shadow, Jesus, and how integration is the key to blending the beliefs you hold.

She is the author of 24 books on practical spirituality, magick, the occult, and Christian Witchcraft. As an ordained minister of spiritual consciousness, practicing Christian Witch, and global retreat leader, her soul mission is to INSPIRE to FREEDOM.

After selling her financial planning practice at American Express Financial Advisors in 2004, Rev. Val pursued writing full-time, answering the call of her soul to teach and inspire. In April of 2005, she conducted her first public workshop, intentionally saying YES to standing in the truth of soul-knowing to be an agent of transformation. In June of 2005, she led her first retreat for a group of 26 women titled “The Divine Life’s Purpose Women’s Retreat” and the next phase in her soul unfoldment blossomed open like a rose.

Shortly thereafter, Valerie Love secured a 5-figure, 2 book deal with a major publishing house in New York, and published the books God Speaks to Me and God Is In Love With You. Since then, she’s published an additional 17 books with her own publishing company: Butterfly Rising Publishing.

In 2009 she uploaded her first video to YouTube and has since reached over 4 million viewers.

As a professionally trained coach, Rev. Val travels globally and leads retreats in exotic and spiritually charged hot spots including Bali, Dubai, Cannes, Paris, Peru, India, China, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Sedona and Salem for women to rise to their zenith and birth their most magnificent work into the world. She’s affectionately known as the Divine Midwife of Soul Destiny.

On one of her Ayahuasca journeys in Peru, Rev. Val received the name KAISI (meaning one who plants seeds and nurtures them to grow), a divine blueprint for her work of ascending consciousness.

Website    Instagram    Facebook    YouTube   Christian Witch

The Christian Witch is someone who has integrated Christ Consciousness with the archetype of the Witch.

Blending beliefs is the way to Integrate these practices.

As Kaisi says, Jesus loves witches! It’s time to bring the

The Witch’s code allows for Integrity, which is the foundation of the practice.

To know.

To dare.

To will.

To keep silent.

What is more empowering than tapping into who we are?

Embrace the fullness and wholeness of who you are.

It’s time to open the sacred circle to all the practices.

Check out KAISI’s work and her books.

Thanks again for listening.

To the Witch Spirit in all of us!


October 21, 2023


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