When did you realize you were a Witch?”

I remember the day I was asked this question.

I admit the question took me by surprise.

Yes, I had been hanging around a Witchy Shoppe. I was one of their Tarot readers, but I hadn’t really thought about actually being a Witch.

Deep in my soul, I knew I had lived a life as a Witch. My past life energy was rich in wisdom and knowledge of the ritual of Mother Earth.  But so many memories had been stripped away as I stood on that platform being accused of wrongdoing. Being accused of helping empower other women is one of the memories that linger within me. 

I think all women carry some of this “Witch” energy in their ancestral lineage. The energy of knowing the wisdom of Mother Earth with all the innate abilities to birth, loving, forage Mother Earth, make concoctions, and care for others.

As I went to answer this question, I paused for a moment before saying … always. I carry this with me, always, even if I don’t classify myself as a Witch in the traditional sense.  I don’t have a coven.  I don’t even have a cauldron. 

But I do have the wisdom!

It’s the dead of winter and as I wake up this morning,  another gray day lingers.

I throw on my yoga pants (yoga class or not) and a few layers of sweaters to keep me warm.

I confess. I’m not feeling my most glamorous self. Sexy doesn’t even enter the picture.

Yet, deep inside of me, I dream of being that sexy vixen that attracts the soul mate of my life. I want my hair to sparkle, my eyes to glow and my lips to be luscious.

But what’s a 65-year-old woman like me to do?  

Are you wondering yourself… 65 or not… how to freshen up your look right about now?

This is what I did… I created a Mojo Bag full of potions, creams, and lip balms.  I added a handmade comb made with indigenous love. For the ritual, I called in Archangel Jophile (the Angel of Beauty and Joy), and just like that… poof…I became alive, feeling empowered.

I know. It all sounds a little witchy.  But what really is a Witch if not an Empowered Woman?! 

Thanks to the help and suggestions of a recent podcast guest on The Empowered Spirit Show, Alise Marie, I created my very own empowering Mojo Bag! Her book, The Beauty Witch’s Secret is loaded with amazing portions, recipes, and suggestions on when to do what.  

The modern-day term of a Witch in today’s society carries a more expanded definition that doesn’t just include spells and black magic. It is more about empowerment and knowledge of one’s connection to Mother Earth. It is about taking responsibility for one’s beauty and how one shows up in the world.

A modern Witch, today, can also be called a Goddess living in time with the cosmos and the cycles of life. It’s about connecting with Spirit and designing your own personal practice. It is unique to each person. Spiritual awakenings often occur from the inner search of wanting more in one’s life.

There may still be a fear of this practice. Many modern Witches have left the church they were brought up with in search of greater knowledge of their place in today’s society. Many people still fear this power of greater understanding but more from the lack of their own limiting beliefs, which in turn keep many of these practices and circles private.

Contrary to most outside beliefs, the Modern Witch is filled with love and caring, rooted in growth with a positive light to help raise the vibration of our planet, not hurt it.

I may not have a cauldron but I do hold fire circles.

A broom… hmm. I’ll still keep that one a secret!

Want to create your own Mojo bag, and feel luscious and beautiful in your own way?  Check out the podcast here and where to find all the details on Alise Marie.

Witchy or not.. be a Goddess empowered in your life.

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February 1, 2023


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