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As this podcast goes to air,  we’ve just moved through the last new moon of this year on 12/12.  What a powerful day that was.  Did you set some new intentions for the season ahead? We are coming to the close of the fall season. I know it feels like we are already into winter, but technically, we are at the end of fall, with the winter solstice occurring on 12/21.

Such powerful numbers we have in December.  Numbers are like light codes, opening up the light body to expand the possibilities that are available to you.

This time of year, it is important to reflect on the road you have traveled in the last twelve months, notice where you have been, what you have learned, and how you have evolved.

What are the messages your Soul is telling you? 

The more I go deep within, the more I can understand the many lessons that have come forward for me this year. It was a year of expansion. It was a year of unwinding my nervous system from the effects of the pandemic years and all that came with that.

I found myself saying… Well I had a come apart!  LOL.. not as a bad thing, but as a way to acknowledge this unwinding.  Yes, sometimes it does feel like everything has to fall apart to come back together again. Do you know what I mean?

I am grateful for these times, even if they can feel like Dark Nights of the Soul.

Our Soul can speak to us. And if you listen, you can connect the lessons with the struggles and how to move forward… and not in the same manner but in a different light.

Are you using all your sacred resources… your guides, angels, and ability to co-create with Spirit?

How can you best work with this energy for you?

Ready for some guidance into your Soul?

My Soul.Work online Intuitive Path program can help you with this. Registration is now open. In this program, I will guide you through the Akashic Realm, showing you ways to connect to your Akashic Records, and your Guides, and uncover past lives that keep you stuck in these wounds.  

All you need is some intuitive understanding.  If you have other spiritual tools like Reiki, Angel work, Crystals, or Mediumship, this class is for you! We will learn how to access all the tools in this higher dimension.   

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Fall is proof that change is beautiful. 🍂🍁🍃

In today’s episode, it’s time to close the energy of Fall. I find it so important to take some time and look back through the season to honor all that you have done, as well as the struggles you have been through. This is how we recognize our Soul’s growth.

Transitions can be hard, but allowing the time for some of the easier transitions, like the seasons, builds strength for the bigger ones in your life.

This channeled meditation will help you move through this transition easily and gracefully, preparing you for the Winter Season.

Perhaps as you look back on these lessons,  they make more sense now than when you were moving through.  Offer gratitude for this growth. 

We notice life cycles in this season. Just as the trees release their leaves, we, too, release and let go. 

What can you let go of, sending back to the earth?  Know the more you release, the more room you make for new growth to come. Trust.

The messages that come in are about release, new growth coming in, imagination, unfinished business, time clocking ticking,

We offer gratitude for the season we’re leaving behind.  Gratitude for the season ahead. 

Just for today. 

Happy holidays!

To your Spirit,


PS… Click here for more information on Soul. Work: Reading your Akashic Records.

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December 15, 2023


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