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As this podcast goes to air, we are officially in the season of Summer. I get so excited every year for this season… probably because I’m born in Summer and I just love the sun… along with the Moon and the Stars.  Lol.

I love to be outside, to play, and pretend I am of the Stars.  Well, I do actually believe and know that I come from the Star People.  I carry this wisdom.  On nights of camping out, I imagine I am just hanging with the stars and asking for messages.  There is something about  looking up and transforming into the stars.. I know “woo” .. right?!

It feels so good to me and reminds me that I choose to be here on Earth, in this Universe, right now to do my work and be of service.

You could say that I shapeshift from my physical body into the energy of the stars as I receive messages.

There is a lot of folklore around the idea of Shapeshifting.  Every culture has this archetype and mythical energy to it.   I’m most familiar with the concept from my Native American studies and the generational energies that I channel.

This modern idea of shapeshifting has been a new perspective for me lately that I have been diving into.  And after last week’s episode, I had many reach out to me about more information.

Working in the medicine wheel, moving rocks, and pulling weeds, teaches about course correcting. As I began to explore ideas for summer teachings, the idea of shapeshifting popped right up.

Every year with the summer season, I start to be aware of my body, like you probably do too. Working with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) helped me shift from criticizing my body to building body confidence.  It’s never just about the food! 

Food is one of the first things we learn as a baby that we can control.  We cry and we get some food.. a bottle or those little orange goldfish!  Who doesn’t love goldfish when feeling out of sorts… right!

And then we get rewarded with food for good things we do.. or in my case, deprived and criticized.

EFT helped me to shape my mindset.. to recognize the old patterns and build a new way to process energy.. a new way to celebrate my accomplishments.. and to not feel deprived.

I also learned how to shift from not liking my body to really appreciating the things I do like about it.

So I began thinking and asking around.. what would be a good summer program to offer to my online group in the Energy Mastery Sanctuary. What if we could use the energy of summer,  the idea of shapeshifting into a different frame of reference?  Y’all know I always love talking about the Wild Woman Energy in Summer.  What if we could use this idea of moving a rock, shifting energy, course correcting your path into and shapeshifter your body, mind, spirit, and emotions?

I know I feel better when I shape up and allow the fun to enter my life for the season. What about you?

Ready for some  Summer Shapeshifting?

We shapeshift in order to obtain abilities from this new form.

Water is the element of Summer. Water is about your feelings.. your heart – self-love.  It’s a time for you to own your Devine Feminine energy. Mother Earth is so fertile right now and she calls for you to reflect that as well.  Get sexy!  It is time for the Wild Woman to arise, to shift into the shape you want it to be.

So yes.. this 8-week program is created and the registration is open. Click here. 

I’ll be hosting another live Spirit Talk about the program on Saturday, July 8th 9amCT… Join me.. bring your questions…and special bonuses for enrollment. 

So what does the Wild Woman Energy bring to us and how can she help?

Here’s the thing..

When you find yourself pushing too hard, excessive hairdo, worrying too much, Trying to stuff your emotions, and reaching out there… addictions.. food, drinking, shopping, drugs, etc, and breaking agreements with yourself, the Wild Woman archetype comes into to help remind you of your deepest and brightest light. She is a guide to helping you remember who you truly are. To let go of the things that have been controlling you and keeping you spinning the grooves and stuck in your life. Her influence is one of playing. 

Wild – is not being subjected to restraint or regulation.  It’s uncontrolled, passionately eager, and enthusiastic. It’s about going beyond normal or conventional bounds.

It’s there within. Maybe you haven’t tapped into it in a while.. or ever. Our fast-paced society can keep you stuck in the same ole same ole habits and routines.

But it’s time to shift out of that. It’s time to free your mind, body, emotions, and Spirit. It’s time to apply some of her teachings to help you break free of old habits of how you treat yourself, how you stuff your emotions with food, how you criticize your body, and how your mental outlook is about you.

Take a moment to pause, and breath as I offer this Wildwoman shapeshifting meditation.

Close your eyes and allow yourself to become deeply relaxed. 

Summer is fun when we connect with others and even make new friends. I would love it if you would share this episode with someone that could use a little wildness in their life right about now.

Thanks for listening.

To your Wild Spirit,


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June 24, 2023


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