As this podcast goes to air, we are moving right into the Winter Solstice with lots of cosmic forces… shift… changes.

We have been through two eclipses and now we have two of our largest planets, Saturn and Jupiter, aligning at the first degree of Aquarius, starting the birth of a new 200 year cycle.

As these planets come together in the night sky, many will say it’s like the star of Bethlehem or the Star of Christmas… of a star of Hope… however you look at it… definitely a huge cosmic force not to be missed.

We are at the dawning of a new era, and I believe Spirituality is a part of this as well as a rise in Consciousness… a consciousness that has more compassion for each other and one that wants to see a return to love and peace.  My wish my dream.

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With this new season of Winter coming forward, it is a time to go deeper into your Spirit… the winter season offers you a time to connect with your visions and your dreams… to understand what your truths are… and how you want to bring them forward.  It is also a time that we work with our ancestors… we look at the generational energies… sometimes even referred to as “curses” that the family places on you… you should do this… you’ll never make it if you do that… our family business relies on you… etc.

To help you move through the Winter Season, the next season of the Intuitive Path will begin in January. I will be helping you to reconnect with your spiritual practices and clear these generational energies. The wait list is open – The Intuitive Path – Winter

Curses and spells is an interesting topic and one we are talking about on the podcast today. Many people associate curses with witches and black magic… but that isn’t really all true. Our ancestral energies holds this as well.  

But it is true that many women I see today have this energy of “witch” in their family line and the more we work with this energy, the more I am seeing a modern day witch coming forward.

On today’s episode, I am interviewing Allison Harley who helps us understand the idea of a Modern Witch and what it means in today’s world. We talk about the manifesting, setting intentions, archetypes, tarot, crystal scrying, and the fearlessness to step forward.

Allison Harley spent her young adult years in the arts community in Southside of Birmingham, AL. In 2013 she began a spiritual journey. She studied anything esoteric, the occult, and all things spiritually healing. In 2016 she moved to rural Alabama to start a family, a permaculture homestead, and to have a more encompassing interaction with nature. In her time away from the city, she was able to develop her intuitive abilities. Since the start of 2020, she has been sharing her thoughts and observations about the situation we have collectively found ourselves in. She now does regular intuitive readings at Ritual Shelter in Homewood, Alabama and is the host of the podcast Woo in the Woods.

Find Allison at InstagramWoo in the WoodsRitual Shelter

As Allison says, the Modern Witch is about a remembering of who you are, being fierce and having the willingness to create the rituals to deeply explore your humanity at this time.

Be that woman that can open up to a fierce feminism that defies definition.

Be entrenched in personal empowerment and impacted by the culture that the Modern Witch is surrounded by.

The beauty of manifesting and rituals is that it is most effective and powerful when it comes from within you.

It’s time for all women to embrace their ancestral energy and bring it forward at this time in humanity.

Learn the skills and techniques to be empowered in 2021. Show up for yourself.

Happy holidays!

To your Spirit,


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December 19, 2020


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