As this podcast goes to air, we have just moved through the Full Moon in Leo and the Mercury Retrograde as we head into the month of February.

We are still going through so many shifts and changes with a lot happening this coming month. So much to be revealed.

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In today’s episode, I talk with Lauren Wilde, also know as the Church Witch.

We talk about being a seeker, the changes in Spirituality, the Archetype of the Witch, why we are choosing to follow the cycle of energy once again, the power of knowing your own energy and not being afraid to stand up for that power, “re-wilding”, Lilith Energy Archetype, and the breaking down of old paradigms.  

Lauren Wilde is a mom of three boys, 500hr Yoga Instructor, Professional Astrologer and Tantric Yoga Practitioner, Creatrix and High Priestess of Wilde Alchemy Modern Mystery School, Podcaster and Spiritual Director of The Wild Beloved Spiritual Community. She is in service to helping humanity commit to finding its soul, shadow work, and collective spiritual alchemy as we birth The New Earth. 

You can find her @thechurchwitch on Instagram and at laurenwilde.com 

Emergent Spirituality is all about knowing your power and going within to find it.

It’s about letting go of the old systems that aren’t working and then not being afraid to use this power of yours right now.

It’s a Spiritual power that emerges from within you. 

The times are changing! Goodbye white picket fence.

It is about awakening  to yourself along with Mother Earth and finding that new way to live in alignment with the elements of life.

New spiritual systems are coming forward.

What system are you choosing?

Who are you giving your power to?

It’s time to create a path that comes from within you.

Schedule your Spiritual Upgrade Breakthrough Call with me and let’s talk about how I can guide you to do this.

To your Spirit,



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January 30, 2021


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