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As this podcast goes to air, we are in the transition energy of a new season, which is the subject of the podcast today.

Many don’t think much of these seasonal transitions but this kind of transition can help us with other transitions in life.

The transition between seasons offers you a time to refocus your path and align your energy with your inner guidance.  To help you with that, my 21-Day Radiant Light challenge begins on Sept 22.. live every day to help you build your inner focus, strengthen your boundaries, and build the radiance of your soul.

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All of this information can be found on my website with the link in the show notes… prices, details, how to download, etc.

As we move through these comic transitions, now is the time to clean up your energy with an energy-clearing session.  Schedule one.. in person or online. When you work with the energy body, it helps to release the old patterns and all that old stuff you’ve been crying around.

When you start going within and connecting to your soul and your spirit, you will find your answers.

 Empowered Spirit Private Mentoring Program.

Schedule a Spiritual Upgrade Breakthrough call with me and let’s talk about how my programs can help you.

In today’s episode, I want to offer you a teaching from the Medicine Wheel as we continue to move through the cycle of life, which is what the MW represents.


May you be blessed with love, light, abundance, and joy in this new season for all the lessons life brings you.

Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


PS.. Sign up here for the 21-Day Radiant Light Challenge

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September 17, 2022


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