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As this podcast goes to air, we are full force into Spring with lots of cosmic forces helping you to align with this renewal energy of the year.  We are just about to move into a Full Moon in Scorpio…

This is one of the most intense Full Moons of the year. Ruled by water and the planet Pluto, Scorpio asks us to confront our deepest emotions. 

Scorpio reminds us that we are magicians and we are healers. 

We can transform any energy, emotion, behavior. We can turn darkness into light and tension into relaxation healing from the most painful wounds, turning them into wisdom.

The key in working with this energy is to be willing to feel it all.

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In today’s episode, I speak with Anthony Teresi about his new book, Rippling Waves. We talk about humanity, spirituality, dimensions of consciousness, clairvoyance, sound and the Tarot and how all this comes together in the healing for yourself and for Gaia… our Mother Earth.

Anthony Teresi’s life’s work has been the development, refinement, exploration and mastery of the highest intuitive and psychic realities of consciousness. Anthony has a lifetime of extensive study and experience in the fields of clairvoyance, psychic phenomenon, metaphysics, cosmology, mysticism, theosophy, ontology, philosophy, astrology and psychology. Anthony’s given gifts allow him to tune in to the realm of Universal Knowing, unlocking the hidden mysteries of existence. This has granted him access to a doorway from humanity to The Beyond. 

This Knowing empowers him to see and to hear and more importantly, to interpret, spirit messages and inner truths of the greatest import. Traveling this mystical path, he ultimately expanded and evolved to realize his full destiny as a psychic, master astrologer, healer, seer, empath and intuit. 

This journey flowed into cosmic attunement, musical revelations, multi-faceted creativity and artistic expression. The melding of all of these powerful elements has forged in him a deep insight into the limitless nature of Being, and that surrounding every living thing are angels, and angelic power, and our own guides to help us along our way. 

He is a multidimensional traveler working with the highest intuitive, psychic, and visionary forces. Anthony fuses his natural gifts with the intellect and wisdom born of many lifetimes of experience to create a special language that has inspired countless souls as they gain an understanding of the unseen forces that shape and transform all of our lives. 

With his remarkable new book Rippling Waves: A Spiritual Journey Through the Heart of the Universe, Anthony brings us along with him on one of his journeys back to the source of our creation then onward to the future of Humanity. 

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We are not here to be weighed down with dogmatic ritual.

We are here to find enlightenment and to be creative loving beings.

5 Dimensions of Consciousness

  1. Transformational Consciousness

  2. Transcendence Consciousness

  3. Cosmic Consciousness

  4. Divine Consciousness

  5. Evolutionary Consciousness

This book will show you how to find the inspiration to feel that there is more to life than the five senses.

Intuition is an ability everyone can access. Anthony calls his own psychic abilities 4th generational, but he also says that it’s not the biology that matters but that he was accepted and nurtured with a knowing of these gift.

There are so many ways to open up and look beneath the surface.

His book talks about how the frequency range of true reality is eternal and most people are stuck in a very narrow bandwidth of frequency.

When we open up beyond the five senses, so much can be uncovered,

We talked about Sound Healing and how in the not too distant future, the physician of the day will be the ones that will be able to manipulate the frequencies for healing.

And we discussed the Tarot and how the Tarot is an oracle. It will tell you things that are not available to you in any other context especially if you use some degree of clairvoyance. The Tarot is an information rich picture. 

If you allow yourself to open up your senses, to impact you from beyond your mind, wonderful things can come forward.

As Anthony says, “Look in your heart. Find that love. Connect with other fellow human beings. That’s what we are here for.”

Journey through life with an awareness of love.

Love will prevail.

We are one species.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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April 24, 2021


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