“I think it’s so uplifting to watch interviews of so many Masters all over the world involved in so many areas and get inspiration in how we can apply Reiki into our own communities. I am deeply grateful for all the beautiful souls out there.”  Maria Diaconu – Reiki Rays

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As this podcast goes to air, we are in the release phase, the waning of the Moon and in the sun sign of Scorpio.  It could feel even more intense. Scorpio energies take you deeper into your psyche to help you understand all the things that the eclipse season brought up. 

How are you working with this? Are you taking the time to Slow down?  To ask questions. To receive the answers.   Know that these changes are ones that can help you to move forward.

I know there is so much uncertainty out in the world, so tuning into you, knowing your mind, your emotions, and your Spirit is so valuable right now.  This time will allow you to look within and your relationship with yourself.. your soul.

Are you showing up differently than how you really want to show up?  This is what the energies are asking you to understand right now. 

The Scorpio season can be a magical time that allows you to face your deepest shadows, accept them, and grow from them. This season teaches you how to stand in your truth so that you can journey into the deepest layers of your heart. It may require career shifts or big moves to new locations. It may also ask you to say goodbye to certain people or habits.

Going within yourself and getting quiet will help you to recognize what you can do for yourself.

Do you want to go deeper and learn some tools to help you upgrade your spiritual practice and create new agreements with yourself?  Schedule a Spiritual Makeover Breakthrough Call with me, and let’s see how these practices can help you.

In today’s episode, we are talking Reiki! One of my favorite topics.  Reiki changed my life, as I have shared so many times. Not only do I have the exciting opportunity to be a part of the Reiki Rays Healing Summit but also to interview one of the co-hosts for the Summit, Heath McCutcheon.  In this episode, we give you an overview of what the Reiki Rays Healing Summit is all about, the ins and outs, the vision, the topics, even the basics of what Reiki is,  when the Summit starts, and how to register.

Heather McCutcheon is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki practitioner/instructor, and founder of the Reiki Brigade. With the help of dozens of passionate volunteers, she conducts outreach events to promote peace within individuals, communities, and society as a whole via Reiki energy healing.

The Brigade supports non-violence efforts by collaborating with other service organizations and serving groups of individuals who experience high levels of stress. Since 2011, they have offered more than 6,000 ten-minute Reiki sessions to Chicago police officers, homeless veterans, incarcerated individuals, medical students and faculty, and attendees of trade shows and corporate wellness events. They love helping people and raising awareness and availability of the benefits of Reiki throughout Chicagoland. 

Heather is the author of Connecting the Dots: From Ad Exec to Energy Practitioner, which recreates the most humorous and touching moments along her journey from Reiki skeptic to Reiki activist.

She has also been a regular contributor to the Reiki Rays Healing Summit as a speaker on various topics, and this year was invited to co-host this unique event. The Summit’s reach has steadily grown over the years to create a global community of Reiki Masters, practitioners, beginners, and Reiki-curious folks.

Instagram. Facebook. Reiki Brigade. Book. YouTube

The Reiki Rays Healing Summit is a groundbreaking event specifically designed to offer a trusted pathway to rediscover your inner garden of light, where the seeds of healing and transformation reside, and inspire a world brimming with peace, compassion, and genuine connections.

Some of the world’s energy medicine pioneers in the field of Reiki will share their profound healing wisdom, practical tools, inspiring practices, and transformational insights to help you illuminate your path, heal your inner self, and create a positive ripple effect that extends to the world around you.

Tips to attending the Reiki Summit Live:

  1. Register now!
  2. Download the bonuses.
  3. Listen to the pre-summit interviews.
  4. Check out the schedule and note the ones you want to be sure to listen in in order of listening preference.
  5. Share the information
  6. Connect with the speakers on social media.
  7. Bonus:  Purchase the entire Summit. 

There’s something to learn from each interview.

Heather shares that her hope is that Reiki continues to grow and expand as people recognize its value and that people connect with each other.  Hopefully, we continue to share with everyone within our community how fabulous Reiki is and make it available to more and more people.

“Right now, there is a difference between need and demand in terms of economic supply and demand. There’s not an enormous demand for Reiki, but it’s because people don’t know what it is and what it can do for us. And I feel like that’s our job to bring up the need”. Heather McCutcheon

The whole summit, with all this information, is a way to move forward in the direction of creating more demand so that it’s available for more people to understand what it is.

The vision starts with the idea that when we are at an event, and someone asks, what do you do for a living? And we say I’m a Reiki practitioner. They nod and smile and say, Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. Talk to me about that. Instead of what is that which is what we get a lot of currently.

Mrs. Takata’s wish, the third grandmaster, was that every household has somebody who has Reiki training. I still carry that mission in my work today.

My topic for the Summit is about healing past trauma and breaking karmic patterns using Reiki in the Akashic Records. I am excited to share my perspective with you… Day 3.

Anyone who is watching the news right now recognizes that there is a great deal of need. People aren’t aware of what Reiki can do for them. As we join together and make this available, feed each other, and with the spirit of Reiki and bring this message forward, it becomes a global effort in these times when coming together is so desperately needed.

There is divine timing and there are no accidents. We all are doing this incredible work, and there’s a reason for that.

It is time to bring Reiki out and to the forefront.

The more awareness we can bring, the more we can share the amazing benefits of Reiki worldwide. It is time to bring this awareness forward. The world needs this.

Let it begin with you.

Please share this episode with all your friends and family.

Register now for the Reiki Rays Summit. Click here.

And reach out to the speakers that inspire you!  There are so many great gifts to be shared.

Lots of gratitude to Maria and all she does behind the scenes to put this summit together.

And a big thank you to Heather.

Thanks again for listening.  Reiki blessings.

To your Spirit,


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November 4, 2023


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