As this podcast goes to air, we are moving through lots of cosmic forces… shift… changes… retrograde and the New Moon.

This new moon in Libra brings in lots of opportunity to look at the balance within your life and especially the balance within yourself.

Humanity is going through a major evolution and there are infinite possibilities out there to make changes and reach for something greater.

Transformation is a natural part of life and an important component of human evolution. It is something that is unavoidable, inevitable and yes, it can be manageable when you learn to trust your inner guidance.

If you are a strong, passionate woman who is ready to take charge of her life and let go of the stories running around inside of her head let’s talk!

*Warning: This work just may change your life. It can seriously improve your Body, mind and Spirit.

Side Effects: You may see yourself or others as they really are. You may experience loss of excess baggage, resulting in major life changes. You may become the person you were really meant to be.

Schedule a Practical Spirituality Breakthrough Session with me and let’s see if this program is a fit for you. 

In today’s episode, I talk with Mari Roberts, a psychic life coach. Mari and I met in our Business Mastermind group and we share lots of passion and purpose.  We talk about psychic energy, intuition, corporate America, fear of the unknown and what it can do to you, and taking that first step.

Mari Roberts is a psychic coach, life mentor, and healer with over 15 years of experience in the corporate and nonprofit world, who blends her corporate background to help you embrace life by connecting to yourself, your intuition, and your purpose.  

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The fear of the unknown is part of the journey. You just have to take that first step.

Learning to trust your inner guidance and follow though on that guidance creates confidence within your own spirit, allowing you to take that next step in following your soul purpose.

If you are ready to take that next step and would like to learn how to tap into your inner guidance, reach out!

To your Spirit,


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October 17, 2020


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