As this podcast goes to air, we have just moved into the new season of fall and into the energy of a full moon.

Full moons help to illuminate your path and shine light on your soul’s purpose… if you allow for the awareness.

Yes, we can just appreciate the full moon, but we can also bring forward so much more consciousness when we open up to the awareness with a spiritual practice.

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Intuition is just one of the tools we practice in Spiritual Development, but a very important one. 

In today’s episode, I though I would share with you a meditation that will help you to determine what your Intuitive Clair is.

Just allow your imagination to come forward.

Imagination is the force that takes you to places you’ve never been. 

Imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, inconceivable, powerful force that the world has ever known. 

Imagination is images of the mind expressed into the physical form.

Napoleon Hill

Feed your imagination daily and accurately with pictures, movies and concentration. Spend time doing this in detail every day. Every day, practice, practice, practice, right?

 Imagination is the most powerful force because we use it to know what to create.

If you don’t go into your imagination, how are you going to know what to create?

Most people spend very little time imagining. They use idle thought in a haphazard way and wonder why their lives are not rich. 

Imagination has the power to make or break your life.

If it is in your mind, it’s in your consciousness! 

This is how thoughts become things.

So what are you imagining? 

As we go through this meditation, just imagine we’re going to go on a meditation journey through a forest. Just imagine all that you can imagine. 

And then we’re going to use some of the tools to notice what you notice 

Take a moment and write a few notes. What were the sensations for you? Did you notice the colors? Did you see the birds? Did you hear the chirping? Did you hear the water? Did you feel the sensations of the water?

What were the most animated things for you in this meditation?

Just jot it down. Don’t judge it. And then come back to your notes and notice the word of awareness… I felt.. I saw.. I noticed.. I heard… those are your keys to understanding your Intuitive Clair.

Need some help with this?

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Thanks again for listening!

To your spirit,


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September 26, 2020


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