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As this podcast goes to air, we’ve been in this rich phase of the moon, growing in light helping our dreams build through our visions.

We’ve moved in the sun sign of Aquarius, the energy of the collective consciousness with an emphasis on challenging you to think out of the box.  We have our first full moon of 2024 coming in next week in Leo, which is about your power, the solar plexus, offering you the ability to open up your heart and expand your consciousness with courage.

Winter is a time to speak to your ancestors. It’s a time to examine the connections and traits you carry through. It’s a time of growth for the soul.

This is  the work we are doing In my Soul.Work online program. This past week, we worked with spiritual contracts, especially generational contracts we each carry, even vows we make, in this lifetime or another. What is uncovered and the healing that can come forward is quite fascinating. 

As you move through winter, creating a spiritual practice has many amazing benefits, as we are going to talk about today.  More often than not, it’s out of crisis, it doesn’t have to be, but mine was, as was my guest today.

If you find you are in crisis and need help, a different kind of help than what’s normally prescribed, schedule a Spiritual Breakthrough Call with me and let’s talk about what you can do to begin a daily practice for you.  Private Mentoring. 

In today’s episode, I speak with Rebecca Kastle, originally from New Orleans, now in Birmingham, about what she calls a near-death like experience in real time. In this episode, we talk about what near death in real-time is, spiritual experiences, religious experiences, spiritual practices, training, readings, higher self, skepticism, doubt, and opening up.

Rebecca Kastl is an energy healer and angel interpreter who underwent a life-altering Spiritually Transformative Experience from the ages 26-28 in which she saw a beautiful light that spoke to her. After witnessing this light she began having psychic dreams, seeing light within everyone, feeling how connected we all are, viewing alternate timelines of her life, and feeling surrounded by angels. It took many years for her to understand and accept her experiences due to being raised in a skeptical environment as well as coming from an interfaith background.

She now uses her experiences and training to heal, give readings, and teach workshops that help others to live in alignment with their true nature – love.

Website Instagram International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS). The Accidental Mystic

Yes.. it can be scary to have an awakening and not understand. It’s okay to freak out a little bit but pull it back in.  Seek a teacher. Find the skills you were guided to learn.  It’s a good thing. As I shared about the car wreck I was in… it woke me up to a higher power within that I wasn’t utilitzing … until now. And like Rebeca, she is now opening up to help others with her messages and guidance. 

Be sure to share this episode with someone else you know who may need to hear it. You never know what kind of crisis people are going through.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


PS.. If you are ready to awaken to your spiritual path and need help getting started, schedule a complementary Spiritual Breakthrough Call.

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January 20, 2024


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