Moon Signs, Houses & Healing – Carmen Turner-Schott

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As this podcast goes to air, we just moved through the New Moon in Cancer.  As I see it.. a time for a big splash of water to cleanse away old emotional energies from the Spring and refresh your light.

The New Moon is my favorite time even though I love to see a big full moon in the night sky,  but new moons offer you the opportunity to begin again. Course correct your intentions and allow for the cycle of growth to continue.

What have you already noticed about the summer?

In today’s episode, I starting my summer series… New Spiritual Authors. To start this series off, my guest is Carmen Turner-Schott with her book, Moon Signs, Houses & Healing: Gain Emotional Strength & Resilience through Astrology.

We had a delightful chat and she offered great information for each of the Moon Signs throughout the astrological wheel.  We talked about astrology and making it more assessable for people to understand,  the 3 main layers of your chart, sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign, and how your astrology chart can help you to understand the circumstances in your life.

Carmen Turner-Schott, MSW, LISW is an author, licensed clinical social worker, psychological astrologer and teacher with national and international clientele. She received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Fontbonne University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1997. She completed her Master of Social Work degree at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri in 1999.

She is a published author and has written nine books. Her newest books are Moon Signs, Houses & Healing – Gain Emotional Strength & Resilience through Astrology,

She began her astrological work at the age of 16 after an experience with a glowing ball of light in her doorway and began studying metaphysics and the Edgar Cayce material at that time.

She has presented astrology workshops for the Association of Research & Enlightenment (A.R.E.) throughout the years and teaches a variety of spiritual development classes. She founded Deep Soul Divers Astrology and is the admin of several Facebook astrology groups.

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Astrology can help you to validate the life experiences you have had – It can show you that there is a reason you go through things.

The Moon signs in astrology reveal a person’s unconscious motives and deeper emotions.

Your chart is the map of your soul.

Consciousness is expanding in a way that requires you to slow down and process your life experiences, especially areas of trauma.  Stuffing them down or bypassing them isn’t the way to transform energy.  It just creates more confusion.

Check out all of Carmen’s books. 

And schedule a complimentary Spiritual Makeover Call with me. Your soul is calling .. you.

Thanks again for listening.  

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July 22, 2023


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