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As this podcast goes to air we have moved through the first full moon of summer. Yes… it’s heating up out there. 

We are always growing and changing.  We can direct this pattern with awareness, or we can struggle and fight ourselves trying to hang on to what was.  Which is the subject today … shifting and changing with the energy psychology of Shapeshifting.

For the past several episodes, I’ve been talking about shapeshifting.. the energy of the Wild Woman and the energy of the Sorcerer.. ways to use these archetypes for guidance and influences in your life.

Energy psychology and healing alchemy are shapeshifting.

It’s about changing your consciousness, the structures that make up your identity. These structures can often be dense and self-limiting, creating barriers that hinder growth, evolution, and expansion.

By using Energy Psychology, EFT, we can shift, we can transmute, and transform these structures into ones that allow for more openness, flexibility, and freedom.

In the practice of  EFT,  Energy Medicine, and healing alchemy, shapeshifting can take many forms, including working with the body’s energy centers, the chakras, using visualization techniques, and mindset techniques.

The goal of EFT and shapeshifting is to bring about a more expansive and transformative experience, leading to greater levels of consciousness and personal growth.

Overall, EFT combined with the shamanic practice of Shapeshifting becomes powerful tools for you if you are seeking to move beyond your current limitations to unlock your full potential.

The energy psychology behind EFT that really works for shapeshifting is an inherent quality of energy that allows you to transform your identity structures and transmute the lower frequencies of your being. As you free the mind of limiting beliefs and detach from old patterns you become present to your current choices… not the choices and habits of your past.

Energy is fluid and shape-shifting involves constantly transmuting the frequency of energy to establish new forms and identity structures. So as we apply EFT we release these lower vibrations to create new neuron pathways… and you get to set the direction of these pathways.

So using the idea of Wild Woman or even the Sorcerer, can help you to visualize new levels of understanding for your path.

This process enables you to move beyond self-limiting beliefs and evolve.

Think about it.. nature is a great example of this constant metamorphosis, with plants and animals constantly changing and adapting to their environment.

As humans, we also have the ability to shapeshift physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually throughout our lives.

We are constantly evolving and adapting to our surroundings, and this allows us to grow and develop as individuals.

Through the energy psychology of energy medicine and healing alchemy, we can harness the power of shape-shifting to transmute the dense and limiting aspects of our consciousness and continue to evolve and expand.

The goal of EFT and shapeshifting is to bring about a shift and to help shape your path into a more expansive and transformative journey through life.

Unlock your power of energy mastery and learn the art and science of shape-shifting which is the work we will be doing with my new course – Summer Shapeshifting.

The course is an 8-week online course with VIP options for private 1:1 Time. 

During these 8 weeks we will look at what’s underneath … the unworthiness, the judging, the criticizing, and the resistance, that goes on that gets in the way of your confidence,  especially your body confidence. It’s never just about the food or how much exercise you are or aren’t giving.

We find the right questions to ask ( the limiting beliefs).  We’ll use EFT tapping to remove these beliefs as we create new rituals and healing habits.

And, I’ll be sharing some great morning tips to help you set up the alkalinity of your body for the day which will increase your beauty… Inside and out!

We’ll breathe and tap and run our energy to help you shapeshift into your idea of the Wild Woman energy to help you access the divine feminine energy,  which is what summer is all about.

These are the Spiritual tools that have helped me to shape my mindset, to recognize the old patterns, and build a new way to process energy with new ways to celebrate the  accomplishments in life.

If you have been criticizing yourself over and over for the shape you are in or  fallen into a few bad habits that you want to let go of, or perhaps shed a few layers of clothes, and even maybe drop a few pounds and feel good about it.. this course is for you.

I am offering another Spirit Talk about Shapeshifting on Saturday, July 8th at 9am. I’ll be offering a sign-up bonus. I have a limited number for the Wild Woman Mojo Medicine Bag.  Yes, I am known for creating powerful Medicine Bags!  Click on the link and join us.

To help you understand more about the energy psychology of Shapeshifting,  let’s take a moment to pause, breathe and do some energy shapeshifting tapping.

This is the summer to shed the burdens you secretly carry.  That’s what holds the extra weight. Time to break the cycle.

Shift the energy and uncover the way in which you want to shape your life.

Thanks again for listening!

To your Wild Woman Spirit,



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July 8, 2023


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