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As this podcast goes to air, we have just been through a huge week of cosmic energy… full moon,  eclipse… offering you the opportunity to make shifts for your life. Now is the time to live your purpose, your passion, to know what that is for you… and begin that new story for your life!

There is more magic and mystery coming in.

This first Eclipse was charged by a Super Moon.

Full moons are about reaching that full light within you and releasing out everything that isn’t in alignment with this new story for you.

Lunar Eclipses give us the opportunity to cut energetic cords to the past. As you do the work it is possible, during an Eclipse, for something that would normally could take six or eighteen months to shift in the blink of an eye. .

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An Ask

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In today’s episode, I speak with Brandon Beachum, who is an entrepreneur, thought leader, author, and host of The Positive Head Podcast, as well as the late-night style talk show, Optimystic. And his recent work brings him to the show today… The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance.

In this episode we talk about Alchemy, Abracadabra, Art of Manifestation, the Covid Chrysalis, why spirituality fits in, the Imaginable Realm and the 8 Keys of abundance.

Brandon Beachum is a podcaster, entrepreneur, author, philosopher and truth-seeker. Brandon has been a serial entrepreneur since childhood, and in 2010 while living on a friend’s couch, he founded his first significantly successful company, ResortShare. In August of 2015, ResortShare was named the 569th fastest growing private company in America in the annual Inc. fastest growing companies list. 

Since discussing and continually exploring what he refers to as “The Ultimate Nature of Reality” is something he is passionate about, he launched The Positive Head Podcast in May 2015 because he felt this would be the best avenue to pursue his calling and to help bring this increasingly popular topic of conversation to a broader audience. The Positive Head Podcast has continued to grow over the years, has consistently been recognized in the top five podcasts under the “Spirituality” category on Apple podcast and currently has over 15M downloads. The show’s aim is to help listeners consistently maintain an elevated vibration. 

In July 2019, Brandon began stewarding a communal property in Venice, CA called The Mystic Manor, where he hosted regular weekly retreats and also began filming Positive Head’s epic evolution on the late-night style, consciousness-elevating variety show Optimystic which consists of soul-share interviews, visionary artists live painting, musical performances, and fan co-creation in front of a live audience. 

Website. . Instagram. Podcast Optimystic TV . Clubhouse. Free book
The Golden Key: Modern Alchemy to Unlock Infinite Abundance, available as paperback, or download the audio or ebook free with code CMRELATIONS. 

Brandon offers us some very great concepts to work with:

  • Every great work of art has always had shadows.

  • Know that you create as you speak.

  • The next great art form is the Art of Manifestation.

 Allow the contrasts in your life to help you recognize the story you want to be telling and begin telling that story now.

Don’t wait.

Don’t hold on.

Be the caterpillar.

Go into the dark and do the work.

Use your energy tools  and trust you will be guided the way in which to break through to living that new story all by following your intuition.

Grab Brandon’s free book with the code above.

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Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


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May 29, 2021


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