As this podcast goes to air, we have just moved through the first new moon of this year.

It’s already been a challenging time and a little uncertainty looming for our country next week.

My prayers are for peace and an easy transition.

As my work and my life has shown me, transitions can be difficult, especially following the year we have had.

There is lots of grief associated with this past year and many will even feel it moving through this transition.

But, as I teach, when you pull your energy within, you will find the ability to be at peace with it all.

That’s what spirituality does… it pulls your energy within… not out there. 

We are in a spiritual evolution. It’s a time that does require everyone to look within, to make the changes that are needed.

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In today’s episode, I talk with Tina Murphy whose work with widows has led her to create the Widow’s Thrive Kit Summit. We talk about loss, death, the many stages of grief, children, health, spending, recovery and even money.

Tina Murphy is a certified life and money coach for widows. In 2013, her husband suddenly passed away, leaving her to raise two young boys, Parker and Brady, by herself. After losing her husband, she turned to online shopping as a way to deal with her grief. She would spend hours on Amazon looking for new items to purchase. Because she wanted to become more of a positive person, she became a “self-help junkie,” buying tons of books and programs that she never finished. It wasn’t until 2018 when she became a life coach for widows that she discovered that her overspending was holding her back from healing. Since this time she has learned how to handle all types of emotions and use her money to create joy in her life. In 2019, she became a member of Coach Connections, which is an organization for financial coaches. Now she supports widows and helps them reclaim control of their financial futures so they can move forward in their lives with confidence and ease.

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Healing from loss is a process and one that can be very empowering.  

It hurts.

You can’t shove it down.

You can’t bypass it.

Wisdom comes from within.

You have to move it along and realize it’s up to you to live it for all, even those that have passed.

It’s a healing process.

There are so many aspects to grief and healing.

It is an opening up.

You are the one in control of your healing process.

You have to feel it and process it and pull your energy within.

It does get easier.

It requires taking the control and the time needed.

It’s about honoring all the emotions, which may take learning how to honor what those emotions mean. As a society, we aren’t always taught how to process the various emotions.

There is a spiritual world where you can learn.

To Empower the Sprit is to give the Spirit attention.

It takes slowing down and going within. Not bypassing the hurt and pain but allowing it to surface, to feel it and allowing your Spirt to heal.

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Be empowered in 2021.

To your Spirit,


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January 16, 2021


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