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Summer to fall is a transition that begins to pull your energy within. The light begins to shift. The days are getting shorter. 

I like to use the analogy of the seasons, as they reflect so much back to us in our daily lives.  The seasonal transitions remind us that the Wheel of Life is always moving.

Knowing that the seasons come and go each year and are always changing allows us to use this as guidance for the other transitions in our lives.  

And, the truth is… we have actually been in transitions all year with a constant change of circumstances all around us.

As we observe these transitions, we notice that nothing ever stands still, nothing ever maintains its current state, identity or shape for very long. Just like the cycles of the seasons, there is change and transformation, effortlessly and naturally, that can parallel our human experiences. 

Transformation is a natural part of life and an important component of human evolution. It is something that is unavoidable, inevitable and can be manageable when we learn to trust our inner guidance and move with our intuitive guidance.

When our spirit and behaviors are in harmony with these rhythms, we begin to flow through life naturally and effortlessly. Then we can begin to understand that our current life circumstances are only temporary, and we, therefore, make use of what we have to the best of our abilities. 

On the other hand, when we resist these natural rhythms, we sell ourselves short and consequently struggle with the conditions that life throws our way.

I use the teachings of the Medicine Wheel to help understand the rhythms. Life is circular and ever changing.

The Medicine Wheel is like a large circle that we move through… like the rotation of the sun.  And if we divide the wheel into the directions, we find that each direction holds energy and the sacred elements of life.

This is where a few elements come in to help you find that balance.

A few elements is an acronym for Air – Fire – Earth – Water

When we combine the two concepts we are able to look at our life as ever changing, ever evolving and growing.

For example, we are about to move into the fall. The direction is the West and the element is Earth. Fall is the harvest time, a time to connect with the abundance in your life. It’s a time to harvest your work and ground with the energy of your community.

During this season, offering gratitude will help you appreciate your work, your home, your community for all that you have worked for this year.

It is also a time when we start to let go of the excess and clear away the dead wood – like the leaves – we transform them back to the earth. In the same manner, we transform the energy within us.  

Each season comes in to remind us of the work that we can align with.

Winter is the direction of the North and the element of Water. It a season to honor our ancestors and move into our dream time. We go deep into our breath and into meditation. It is a time of hibernation.

Spring is the direction of the East and the element of Fire. It’s the direction of the sun rising. We plant our seeds  from the dreams we bring forward.

Summer is the direction of the South and the element of Water. It’s a time to have the patience to grow our work, to sit back, have fun and express our inner emotions.

Every Season we have the opportunity to reset our energy.

Everyday we have the opportunity to use A FEW elements to bring us back into balance.

  • Air – Your Breath for your mindset

  • Fire – Your Energy to inspire your actions

  • Earth – Grounding & Gratitude

  • Water – Flow of Emotions

  • Spirit – Inner Guidance 

The meditation for this episode will help you to explore these directions and prepare for the transition into Fall.

As you move out of this season into the next, I hope that these sacred elements help you to find the balance you need.

Lift your vibration and stay in tune with all that is going on.

To your Spirit,





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September 12, 2020


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