As this podcast goes to air, we have just moved through a New Moon in Aquarius. We are also at the Chinese New Year of the Ox!

The interesting thing is that right now there are seven planets in Aquarius, something that occurred way back in the early 60’s when the talk was about the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, peace, love, hippy power and long hair.

It is a dawning now, a renaissance, an expansion of the element of air… the way in which you think. 

Time to create a new mindset!

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I know it might be a controversial discussion, but I have been studying and working with the energy of this pandemic and how it is affecting many. *Please note…. this work is always in addition to your regular medical practices.

Through studying the subtle body, I’ve learned about the energy of a virus and how it affects the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

My work with Reiki has offered me the opportunity to actually practice working my own energy body.

The research of Cyndi Dale has taught me so much.  In her recent book, Energy Healing for Trauma, Stress & Chronic Illness: Uncover & Transform the Subtle Energies that are Causing Your Greatest Hardships… she shares what viruses are, energetically.

She was on the podcast back in November. Here is the link to that podcast: Energy Healing With Cyndi Dale – Stress, Trauma And Chronic Illness

My belief is that when we work energetically, we can be more in touch with our own Immune System and help the body to stay in balance.

This is something everyone can learn.

Follow the mediation if you feel you may have come in contact with the virus or if you should choose to get the Vaccine so that you can be better prepared for it.

You are the one in charge of your health.

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Everything is Energy!

Please note…. this work is always in addition to your regular medical practices.

Be empowered with your health and wellness!

To your Spirit!


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February 13, 2021


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