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Empaths are known to take on energy from many sources. 

From a human perspective, this generally means taking on energy from other humans. Part of the definition of an Empath is a person that takes on feelings and emotions from other as if it was there own.

Taking on energy from others creates energetic cords that more often than not become draining for the Empath.

But what about from a spiritualist perspective?  Can Empaths pull in energy cords that are good for their Spirit?  

Several years ago, I was at a music festival in the mountains of Alabama. The area is known to be a vortex of energy, holding spiritual energy from long ago Native Americans of the area.

I was working the event, vending, and offering Tarot readings. I’m not really the partying type so found myself in my tent a little earlier than the others and blocking off the loud noise, drifted off to sleep.  Waking up in the early hours of the morning, I noticed the silence, finally, I thought.  In the wee hours of the morning, it was quiet!

After making my way to the bathhouse and back, I crawled into my tent and into my sleeping bag.  As I dropped back into my dreams, I had the most lucid vision of a young Native American girl in my tent.

I think I saw every detail of her, her dress, her hair, the feature of her face, the feathers she wore.   I fell back asleep thinking it was all clearly a dream.

Until the next morning when I arose and felt this energy cord above my head. The first thing I thought was that she, the girl in my early morning vision, was still with me offering me messages about my day.

This wasn’t someone else’s energy, could this possibly be a new Spirit Guide that had come to me? I was noticing guidance that was coming in. A little nudge to be present.

For humans, energy cords are often described as draining and disempowering. Yet, that wasn’t what I was feeling.

I was inspired, and excited and brought in lots of new ideas and visions during the day which is exactly what Spirit Guides can help with.

In the early morning sunrise, I sat on a big rock on the mountain for my meditation. I called her in and asked where she was from and she said, I am from you. I am the child you lost before I came into the physical form. 

Wow!  I sat with that for a while.  Something inside me felt the recognition.  I had first felt this energy around me when I had a fetal demise halfway through a pregnancy.  It felt more like a star blinking above me. This began my spiritual journey even though it would be years later that I would connect with a spiritual teacher.

As my relationship with Spirit developed so did this relationship with this guide as I discovered when she showed up in this vision. It was like, you are now ready for more guidance.

There are many different cords of energy as there are many different types of Spirit Guides and ways to connect with them. 

Other spiritual cords such as Spirit attachments can occur when an Empath energy is low and their energy field is left wide open.  Energy attachments are cords of energy and are defined in the simplest terms, as a person who has undesirable energy or an entity connected to them.  This is very different from cording with Spirit Guides. Energy attachments can be draining to an Empath.

As an Empowered Empath, being able to discern these cords of energy is crucial to protecting your energy as well as empowering your energy field. 

It’s not necessarily important to “see” your guides but it is important to know where your guides are coming from and what their intentions are. Discernment is very helpful. You always have a choice in creating these relationships with Spirit. If it doesn’t feel empowering, tell it to go away. Don’t give your energy to it.

You always have a choice which is one of the ways spiritual development can help you ascertain information of this kind.

Spirit Guides are here to help you attain your greatest potential on Earth. Creating relationships, asking questions, and allowing for this guidance to come forward is what Spirit Guides can help you with.

This week on the Empowered Spirit Show, we discuss Spirit Guides and how to create these relationships with these cords of light. My guest is Marilyn Alauria, a gifted psychic medium, teacher, and coach. Her new book. GUIDES: Mystical Connections with Soul Guides and Divine Teachers deepens this discussion.

Check out the podcast here, and allow yourself to deepen your connections to your Guides.  Trust!

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August 20, 2022


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