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As this podcast goes to air we have just moved through the first Full Moon of Spring. It was big.. full of reflective light. Light shinning on you to find your freedom.. your truth .. in how you want to show up in the world.

Your energy matters.  If you are living on the surface in how you look, and dress, and your job tag but underneath all, you are unhappy and miserable.. what do you think your energy will reflect?

Energy that begins to drain. Energy that isn’t radiant.  Energy that is stuck, just hanging.. survival mode.

I’ve been there. Surviving and thinking I was doing really well.  Until I wasn’t… I wasn’t even surviving. I had slipped into depression.

And I started asking the questions from an energy perspective…

Why was I depressed?

Why was I draining my energy?

Why was the only place I could slow down, outside?

And then I took a trip with some amazing teachers to Tel, Mexico, and visited some of the most sacred sites on Mother Earth.  And then I saw it all.. visually. In colors. In Auras. In light. Through my eyes and the light of my soul.

I kid you not.

But what I notices was that As I slowed down, and began to stop the energy drains I saw how powerful it was to turn this around and went deep within my Spirit.  It lead me right to the wisdom of my soul’s work.. all the many lives I had lived and learned.  It reminded me of my soul’s purpose in this lifetime… not one covered up with fear and doubt and unworthiness but pure and simple.. right there.

I  created the energy boundaries and protocols that I needed to begin to live my dreams for this next stage of my life.  I offered myself a Spiritual Makeover. Yep.. changed up my rituals. Mixed up my modalities.. and created a new Medicine Bag for my spiritual practice.

Not really sure how to begin your spiritual practice?  Reach out and let me help you makeover your spiritual practice, schedule a complimentary call with me. Let me help you understand where you get lost in your spiritual practice and the #1 thing you can do to get back to your path of living your dreams.

As the spring opens up, where I am, I notice the purity and simpleness of the season.. of Mother Earth …in the blooming of a bud.  This year there may be extra layers to push through but here come the wildflowers. 

Mother nature is so smart giving us what we need when we need it.  The Wildflowers .. the subject of the podcast today.  I say “where I am” because my guest comes all the way from Australia to share her wildness with us with her new book, Wildhearted Purpose: Embracing your Unique Calling and the Unmapped  Path of Authenticity.

I think this interview is such a perfect conversation for all of us. 

It is a time to check in with your soul. To see if your purpose has shifted. It’s not the time to continue following what everyone else is doing just because. It’s a time to live from your purpose.

In this episode, we talk about the energy of a wildflower, and the stages we go through.. budding, blooming, courage, abundance, and manifesting through you… you are the purpose.

My guest today, Kris Franken, is calling in from Byron Bay, Australia. 

She is an Author, wayshower, and intuitive mentor/healer. She is passionate about empowering others to listen within, to their heart, and to their sacred spirit. She doesn’t preach or tell others to do as she does. She is a wayshower who lives in the wild, has many deeply spiritual practices, and is deeply human with a love of chocolate. Her work always points back to the listener, the client, the friend… it points to their heart and gives them ways to access the wisdom within, rather than the opinions and conditioning around them.

Her latest book, Wildhearted Purpose, builds on the wisdom of her first book, The Call of Intuition.  She shares her unique process for realizing your full potential and learning to live authentically through nature. She presents dozens of simple and inspiring practices to help you discover the dreams of your soul, design your own process of growth, and live your purpose every day.

Each chapter includes dreamwork, vision boards, journal prompts, and other exercises that support your journey to becoming more mindful, joyful, grateful, and empowered.

Kris teaches that by exploring your inner landscape and connecting deeply with your kaleidoscope of gifts, you can find the purpose already imbued in the light of your being and learn to bloom along the unmapped paths of life. She is the former beauty and health editor for Real Living magazine. She has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology.

www.krisfranken.com.     Instagram.    Insight Timer Meditations

We need the connection within ourselves.

It is important right now, to slow down. 

Understand that the fluttering of fear can be transmuted into excitement and wildness.  It’s a similar vibration of excitement in the body.  

Listen to your wild knowing.  Find it in visions not in words and not in the language you are used to listening to.


Trust the nudges and signals… the messages from within.

Open up to your wildness!

Be sure to check out Kris’ work.

“When it comes to living your greatest purpose, let wildflowers be your muse.”

Ready for that Spiritual Makeover?  Schedule your call now.  And come join us in the Energy Mystery Sanctuary.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,



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April 8, 2023


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