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As this podcast goes to air we have moved through the last new moon of spring. The light is increasing as we approach the summer solstice. 

We are witnessing lots of shifts and changes helping us with our spiritual growth in the physical world. It has been a challenging time. There is a lot of uncertainty in the air.  For many this can be confusing and keeping one stuck inhibiting this growth.

What is it for you?

For myself, it has been a time of asking questions and allowing myself to get really quiet so that I can receive the messages.  Great guidance is coming in for this next chapter in my life. The quiet can be unsettling for many.  Do you have trouble with this? Our society is so fast-paced that it can be hard to slow down, but as I teach my students, there is power in slowing down, power in a pause.

Need help in slowing down to access the messages of your soul so that you can live your dreams and your purpose?  My private mentoring programs can help you tune into your soul, your purpose and where you are caught in the gap… I’ve expanded my offers and broken them down to meet you where you are and where you are wanting to open up in your life.

Do you need help in just starting with a spiritual practice and opening your radiant light? Learning to raise your vibration with Reiki? Do you need help in breaking old habits like emotional eating and excess drinking, or maybe letting go of the energy drains that keep you from being the leader in your work?

*Warning: This work will  change your life. It can seriously improve your Body, mind and Spirit.

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In today’s episode I bring some of my soul searching vulnerability forward in my conversation about Sacred Connection with Ann Jonas. We talk about building connections and finding our people just by showing up as we truly are.

Ann Jonas offers  Transformational Guidance. She  is passionate about helping and supporting others to become more of who they truly are. She approaches her work from a holistic, intuitive, spiritual perspective with decades of experience as a bodyworker and birth doula.

Today her most powerful gift is Living as a Being of Love and Light and offering guidance as a Shamanic Transformational Guide, Intuitive Healer, Bodyworker, Writer, Speaker and workshop facilitator. She knows the beautiful mess that this life is while we are coming home to connection and presence with Self. She creates and holds space, in a safe container.

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The work is on us.

Self-development is a sacred act of loving oneself.

E + R = O

Events (expereinces) + response (reaction) = outcome

It’s what we do with the experiences and not being a victim to them.

When we are with self and the divine we can do any and everything,

We can face the shadows and grow our light. 

You will find your community when you find who you are. 

Communicating truthfully with those around us brings clarity and helps to grow a loving community.

We are here NOW. WOW. we are ONE with everything.

The beauty of the quest for sacred connections is that they can be found in unexpected places.

Come welcome Ann to Birmingham at the Clubhouse on Highland on June 20th for the summer solstice. Click here for more information to attend live. Click here to attend virtually on Zoom.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


PS.. You are invited to my Book Signing – Saturday, June 22 at Ritual & Shelter from 3-5pm. I’m a contributing author in Freddy Silva’s “PORTALS: Energetic Doorways to Mystical Experiences Between Worlds“.

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June 8, 2024


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