The Spiritual Labyrinth of Life

In a world filled with suffering and turmoil, we often find ourselves in the clutches of painful experiences. We attempt to release these burdens but remain tethered to a persistent ache that resides within us, hindering our ability to live a vibrant life.

While various forms of therapy are available, I have discovered a powerful blend of utilizing Reiki Energy in the Akashic realm as a healing tool that I personally and professionally utilize.
Combining these healing tools grants access to a higher realm of consciousness. They have propelled me towards greater freedom, wisdom, and intuition.

The Akashic records, in essence, serve as a library of our soul’s journey– a compilation of our Universal Life Energy and the events, thoughts, and actions from all of our lifetimes, not just our current one. Our healing journey doesn’t confine itself to past life experiences but extends itself to the limitations and boundaries we unconsciously hold.

We enter this world with a purpose, forming contracts, experiencing lessons, and progressing from there. As we reincarnate, we traverse through what is known as “Zones,” bringing in our new soul contracts and choices, including selecting our parents. These moments, I believe, are nothing short of miraculous.

Living through numerous lifetimes, our memories become obscured over time as we journey through different dimensions; these memories are released due to limited storage capacity in the human mind. However, a residual imprint can sometimes linger in our bodies.

As we go through life, we begin to have ideas, feelings and impressions that become triggered and eventually form patterns. This is where the Akashic Records can become incredibly potent, as they can help us access these deeply ingrained memories. The Akashic records are invaluable for recovering information that has faded over time because our bodies retain these memories even if our conscious recollection is limited.

Lingering Grief

Right before the pandemic, my mother died. I had been living with her after my dad passed away several years prior. With both parents gone and the world shut down, I found myself unable to let go of all the grief I was carrying. Grief is an energy form. It was collecting and paralyzing my life.

Reiki was my go-to practice to help in the healing process. However, even after the world began to open back up, I found myself still in the depth of grief. It had a hold on me and was triggered even more by the breakup of a relationship.

I decided to take a Spirit Recovery trip to visit the sacred sites of Teotihuacan, Mexico. Still deeply engulfed in grief, my life was stuck, as I was unable to extricate myself from the profound sadness that had gripped me.

My travels in Teo brought me to a magnificent temple, a truly sacred place, surrounded by the energy of Mystics who were had once lived there for training. Being in that environment was amazing and uplifting, something I had not felt in a long time. The light, the joy and the faded colors of the wall paintings took me back to another time in my life. I felt myself entering into a dimension of time in this Temple. I was happy and alive.

The paintings on the walls triggered old memories. As we were meditating in the space, I allowed myself to be guided back in time. The paintings, the colors, and the smells triggered memories that confirmed I had lived here before. I had been a mystic who had trained here. I had painted these walls.

This experience of bliss was short-lived. As we were walking to the next site, an overwhelming sadness washed over me. I couldn’t fathom the source of this deep ache–little did I know that I would stumble upon a lifetime of significance. My life had been cut short prematurely. All I could keep saying was, ‘I died too early, I died too early.’

It wasn’t just the weight of my recent grief of my parents that was holding me back; it was also this lingering trace of grief from a past lifetime.

My teacher saw me with all the tears streaming down. The memories were all flooding in at once. It was becoming too much to handle. With my hands on my heart and Reiki moving through me, she turned me around and told me to face the Pyramid of the Moon and bring all the energy I felt into my womb. ‘To embody the energy,’ she said.

I took a deep breath. I held it in. I took a few more, and I started to calm down. I felt myself moving back through the dimensions in time. My Akashic Guides were helping me with messages of healing. As I opened my eyes, I was staring right at the Pyramid, and I saw the most amazing blue light, the aura of the Pyramid of the Moon, come forward. It was glowing and vivid, reminding me I could see light and auras. This blue light outlined the entire Pyramid, confirming the gift of clairvoyance and all the mystical teachings I had been learning.

Sending Reiki back in time allowed me to release the grief—a newfound perspective on life emerged. It was a transformative experience that brought my past and present into harmony, granting me invaluable insight and healing. The grief had lifted, and I had remembered wisdom from a past lifetime.

The Labyrinth of Our Experiences

Diving deeper into the exploration of Reiki in the Akashic Records, we uncover an intricate tapestry of healing potential. These two profound tools intersect in a powerful synergy, offering a journey through the imprints and patterns etched into our souls over lifetimes. These remarkable tools–Akashic Readings and Reiki–stand as guides through the labyrinth of our experiences. They help us unearth patterns, bring awareness to them, and ultimately heal.

Reiki, a gentle yet powerful tool designed to bring balance to our entire being, acts as a soothing balm for our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. It scans the body, identifying areas of congestion and depletion, allowing the Universal Life Force energy to collaborate in the healing process.

Working with Reiki in the Akashic Records is profound; while Reiki works to calm the triggers that emerge, the Akashic Records and our guides provide a comprehensive view of the imprints’ origin. This combination allows us to access higher realms of wisdom, healing, and understanding. A dynamic synergy opens doors to powerful transformations, offering glimpses of our past and future wisdom.

By accessing our records, we illuminate the path to healing and uncovering imprints that may have silently limited us. The more we explore, the more profound the healing becomes, and the more we integrate the wisdom into our lives.

Healing isn’t a one-session process. It’s a journey into our inner landscapes. We don’t magically shed all our burdens overnight. We’ve carried them for years, perhaps lifetimes. Just like the years of grief that I had carried to my trip to Teotihuacan. These layers must be carefully peeled back, like a dance of revealing and releasing, an art of bringing light to the imprints that have shaped us.
The Akashic Records afford a sheer wealth of wisdom that allows us to connect to a higher consciousness to navigate through the complexities of existence. This understanding has the power to inspire and uplift. It can unravel the complex web of contracts and limitations that society sometimes imposes on us, allowing us to step into our truest purpose and potential.

Our healing path may sometimes take time. Healing is about understanding and embracing the entire process. We can’t rush through it. Each layer contains vital information contributing to our growth and evolution. We often set our own deadlines for healing and can become discouraged. It’s not about achieving a swift fix; it’s about understanding the intricacies of our inner landscapes and embracing the gradual transformation that unfolds.

In my private mentoring practice, I worked with a client who was deeply passionate about the healing arts. She possessed immense talent and a burning desire to share her gifts with the world. Yet, an intriguing pattern began to emerge in her journey.

Every time she took a step towards manifesting her aspirations, she would suddenly self-sabotage. Whether it was canceling events at the last minute or struggling to gather attendees, something always seemed to hinder her progress. We knew there was an underlying pattern at play–a recurring imprint.

To help her overcome this hurdle, we delved into the realm of Akashic Readings, seeking to unravel the mystery that lay hidden in her past lives.

Our journey took us back to a different time when she was deeply involved in the healing arts, particularly herbal medicine. She operated a small shop, extending her help to those in need. However, it was during this period that a tragic incident unfolded. Someone under her care passed away despite it not being her fault, and the full details remained elusive.

In that life-altering moment, she made a solemn vow: ‘I’ll never do this again.’ It was a profound contract etched into her soul. This wasn’t the only agreement she carried with her from that past life. She had a wealth of knowledge documented in her journal, including precious recipes for healing, but all of it was taken from her.

In her present life, she has struggled with writing a journal, so we weren’t surprised when we saw her journals being destroyed. We uncovered these old agreements and released these buried memories and unfulfilled contracts with Reiki and other spiritual tools. These were the burdens that had cast shadows over her present life and kept her from moving forward.

The process of uncovering these imprints became the first step toward her healing. As we uncovered them and shone light on them, the transformation began. Guided by the tools of Reiki, we plunged into the trigger points that held her captive. Over time, her journey took her beyond the limitations that had once blocked her path. She found her calling in sound healing and rekindled her connection to her one love– herbal medicine.

Journeying through the Akashic Records, we discover a rich tapestry of guides and resources. These guides come in various forms, from guardian angels and personal mentors to financial and business advisors. Guides that you can call in at any time. They provide us with an abundance of support and wisdom. Each facet of this spiritual labyrinth serves as a piece in the path of expanding our self-awareness and understanding of the world around us.

These guides and tools offer us the potential for personal healing and the opportunity to contribute to the healing of the collective consciousness. In a world that can often feel chaotic and uncertain, these tools serve as a beacon of hope. They allow us to address collective trauma, healing not only ourselves but others along the way. It’s a way to connect and find solace in a time when isolation and loneliness have become all too familiar.

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