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As this podcast goes to air we are in some amazing cosmic energy.  We moved into Pisces season on the 18th.  Pisces is calling us deep into our soul as we finish our winter.  It’s the deepest of the winter zodiacs and the last one of the signs before we move into Spring.

We also have transits with Saturn. Saturn is your structure and responsibilities. It’s the planet of … let’s get it done.. bring it into the physical world.

The combination of these two forces, is bringing in a vibration for you to do deep, bring your spiritual practice out, bring it into your everyday life, and allow it to guide you to set new intentions of what you want to plant .. symbolically and physically for this year.

When you bring your spirituality with you.. not leave it on your cushion, you will begin to notice a depth to your life. You will lead from a place of purpose and passion.  This is the shift going on now.. living in passion, having compassion, depth, and authenticity in your work.

All too often it is easy to get sidetracked.. to allow fear to come in.. to self-sabotage your path.. even when you want something really bad.  We all do it.  We create energy drains. We give our power away. Then we wonder what the hell happened!

Does this sound like you?

If so you are just the person for my next Masterclass where I will be talking about these energy drains … the saboteur, the people pleaser, the martyr, attracting narcissistic people into your life…  and what you can do to stop the drains and monetize your energy for your dreams to come forward.

Learning tools and techniques on how to hold energetic boundaries will shift your energy. You will begin to notice how you can stand up for yourself, say no and feel good about it, and pull your energy into yourself instead of giving… giving… giving it all out.

This Masterclass will be an intimate group of people, sensitive, empathic, and intuitives willing to open up and make some shifts.

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In today’s episode, I wanted to talk about how you can awaken to your purpose and bring your spiritual practice out and into your life.

Awareness … is where it begins. This comes forward when you slow down, notice what’s around you, and notice your energy so that your intuition can guide you.

My guest, C.K. Durham brings her passions forward through writing. Her spiritual practice, travels, and studies are the background of her first book, a fiction novel called Lotus. In this episode, we talk about awareness, present moment, spiritual understanding, crisis and trauma, symbolism,  how the spiritual is woven Into every moment of our lives, and how all of nature is interconnected.

C. K. Durham was born in New York City and spent lazy, idyllic summers in the Adirondack mountains. Her love of reading started early-on and, by the time she was ten, her free time was spent either browsing the library or curled up with a favorite book, imagining magical realms and faraway lands. She was later educated at Le Grand Verger, Lutry, Switzerland, a small school hosting students from all over the world. Her time there precipitated an impassioned desire to explore the planet; its people, cultures, languages, and lands. She has lived in Switzerland, Hawaii, Panama, and India and has traveled extensively all over the globe. For several years, she lived along-side a military contract team that flew covert missions along the coast of South America and around the world. 

A mysterious encounter in her early thirties initiated a series of serendipitous events that led her to study Shamanism in the high Andes alongside the ancient Q’ero, last of the Incans, practice and study yoga at the feet of yogis and mystics in India, and study and teach Taoist energy principals here in the United States. She currently resides in Boulder, CO. Lotus, an epic spiritual adventure, is her first novel.

Website   Instagram. Facebook 

When you buy the book, you support the education of children and girls around the world.

10% of the author’s proceeds from the sale of this book will go to financially support the Pundarika Foundation in Nepal https://tsoknyinuns.org, Tana Yelp Foundation in India https://www.tanayelpa.org, and Humanity Home in Kenya  https://www.hhchildren.org

“It’s not despite the hardships and trauma, or the pain that we experience in life, it’s within these emotions, our difficulties and the beauty of life, all of it, is the seed and possibilities for freedom and awakening.” C.K. Durham

Yes.. awareness is key.  As I love to say, notice what you notice.  

Where does your spiritual connection open up guidance in your life?

What dreams can you bring forward?

Check out Cat’s book, Lotus.  Enjoy this passionate, whirlwind romance. Let it inspire your intuition, your visions, and your dreams.

Need help in creating a spiritual practice?  Schedule a complimentary call with me and let’s talk about how my programs can help you.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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February 25, 2023


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