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As this podcast goes to air we are in the eclipse season. 

Eclipses are like dramatic “wild cards” or roller coasters of energy on our path.

Eclipses get us to pay attention to areas in our life that need to change.

They can get us moving by shaking us out of our comfort zones so that we can move forward in living our purpose. 

It’s like a portal opens. Spirit gives us a nudge pushing us through… if you allow for it.

Eclipses arrive in pairs, coinciding with New Moons and Full Moons, as Solar and Lunar eclipses, respectively. It can be a little confusing because a New Moon will bring a Solar eclipse and a Full Moon a Lunar eclipse. 

Definitely keeps us on alert.

A Solar eclipse occurs when the Moon stands between the Sun and Earth, cutting off the light of the Sun. This is what we typically think of when we use the word “eclipse,” with the moon covering the Sun.

A Lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun, cutting off the light of the Sun from the Moon. As we know, the Moon is always reflecting the light of the Sun. A Lunar eclipse is always a Full moon and usually marks endings or culmination points.

Any eclipse is a significant event in the heavens. In truth, a solar eclipse is really a New Moon on steroids.

Eclipses come in pairs of signs that are found exactly opposite each other on the horoscope wheel.

We just went through the Solar eclipse which helped us with new beginnings and new opportunities.

The job of an eclipse is to shine a glaring ray of truth to the part of your life that is being touched, and the truth will likely arrive in a startling way.

As if the eclipses weren’t enough of the cosmic forces coming down on us, we are also in Mercury Retrograde. It’s in the Earth sign of Taurus.

This is going to help you go back and look at the Earth elements in your life. Taurus energy is about your work, your finances, and the beautiful things you create in your life.

So here’s the thing… we are in a constant state of change.  Don’t fight it.  It’s a time to shift out of fear and into the exciting energies of moving forward with your purpose in life.

Your purpose is about the things you love doing. The things that inspire you on a daily basis.  Sometimes our work is our purpose and sometimes we carry our purpose through our work. They don’t necessarily have to be the same.

Your purpose can be about helping other people and you can do this by volunteering your time or by having a job that helps other people.

So often we tend to overlook the very things that make us happy thinking it must be more.

Your purpose and your gifts don’t have to be extraordinary! They don’t have to be anything special or complex either! But it is something that you love doing.

You may be surprised that your purpose is something you’ve always known about yourself.

Your soul purpose it’s as simple as your vibration, your being, your state of consciousness, and the ripple effects that it has on everyone you meet, everything you do, and all that you create and channel.

When you know your soul’s purpose, you’re content with your life. Rather than following the path suggested by someone else.

Some people know their soul’s purpose early in life, while others discover it later on. Sometimes a soul’s purpose emerges in response to a childhood experience, which could have been joyful or possibly related to trauma.

When the eclipses come around.. things are shaken up.  If you are just hanging out in your comfort zones, complaining, and not happy, you might feel the drama here. But if you are working with your Spirit, digging into your Soul energy, you will notice that things can open up for you.

It is a time to balance your own energies.  To realign with your purpose and even perhaps makeover your Spiritual practice.   

Of course, it matters where all these cosmic forces align in your charts.  To help us get a better understanding, I’ve invited famed astrologer, Susan Miller from AstrologyZone.com back to the podcast this week to give us a run down, sign by sign.

Susan Miller is an internationally known author, columnist, entrepreneur, publisher, and pioneer of the Internet.  She is the respected founder of  AstrologyZone.com. Her site is considered an authority in the field of Western astrology and is read avidly by 11-1/2 million unique readers a year. She is a highly respected Astrological ‘thinker’ and is recognized worldwide for her astrological writings ‘outside the box’ into areas of business, technology, lifestyle, culture & the economy.

Susan’s monthly forecasts published on her website and on her app, “Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller®” on Apple App Store and Google Play are celebrated worldwide. Readers love Susan’s warmth and compassion as well as her accuracy and comprehensive reporting of current planetary trends. Susan is the author of 12 astrology books, the ever-popular “The Year Ahead” astrology calendars, and writes monthly columns for six international fashion magazines. Susan recently published, “The Year 2022”, an e-book that outlines major trends and breakthroughs for 2002 and beyond.


Twitter – @AstrologyZone

Facebook – “Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone”

Instagram – @AstrologyZone

The big take away…. this first eclipse is a good opening of energy and to be prepared because the next eclipse is a little more intense.

With all the chaotic energy around us, maybe this is your time to step through this portal of energy and allow for all some new aspects of your life to open up.

Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


PS.. If you aren’t really sure where your spiritual practice has gone or even how to create one, I have 2 spots opened in My Empowered Spirit Private Mentoring Program.  Schedule a Spiritual Makeover call with me and let’s see if this program is right to help you move through this transition and empower your life. 

PSS.. Yoga for Witches at Ritual + Shelter begins May 5th.

April 22, 2023


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