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Doorways through Sacred Spaces

I have always been attracted to sacred spaces. Walking on them is a special allure for me, as they connect to Mother Earth and profound spiritual energy. In a world filled with turmoil and suffering, these spaces offer solace and the opportunity to transcend our pain.

After the pandemic, my soul was struggling.  My path wasn’t clear. I began searching for what had such a hold on me.  I couldn’t seem to let it go. Recognizing the need to understand and heal from this deep sorrow, I embarked on a journey to work with shamans and teachers who could help me navigate through my grief. Each step of this process was an opportunity to unravel the layers of pain and gain insights into my own healing journey. However, despite the guidance I received, I still felt an unshakable hold on me, preventing me from fully releasing my grief and heartache.

A Change of Plans

In my search for answers, I initially planned a trip to the sacred sites of Peru, known for their transformative energy. However, fate had other plans for me, and at the last minute, I changed my plans and found myself heading to Mexico,  the Dreaming House near the sacred sites of Teotihuacán, to recover my Spirit.

Teotihuacán, northeast of Mexico City, also known as Teo, is an energy portal with a charged electromagnetic field. Science is now confirming what ancient wisdom has long understood—that these portals are doorways to possibilities that can open us up to different realities. 

As I walked amidst the ruins of Teotihuacán, I felt a profound shift within me. The stagnant energy that had held me back began to dissipate, making way for clarity and vitality. During this time, I experienced a deep knowing, a connection to a past life as a mystic who had lived and learned within these teachings. Memories flooded back, and I felt a sense of belonging and joy, making way for some clarity to come in.

The Soul Knows and the Body Remembers

I remembered. It started with the feelings running through me. It had been a long time since I had felt so much joy moving through my body.

Was it the colors in the paintings on the wall? Was it the light streaming into the plaza? I don’t know what exactly it was, but a fantastic energy overcame me. I felt so happy and alive. I belonged here, and I wasn’t feeling lonely. I was feeling joy, a deep knowing. It was both rejoicing and overwhelming.

Without a doubt, I knew I had lived here before. Teo was a portal of energy for my Soul. I was a Mystic chosen to live and learn these ancient teachings. It was no wonder I had seen orbs of colors as I walked through the different plazas. The memories uplifted my heart as I looked around the various rooms with painted murals. My vibration was shifting.

As we were walking to the next site, my energy dropped. It felt heavy again with feelings of loss, death, grief, and separation. We stopped at an old pink Peppertree. Its beauty was overwhelming, but all I could do was cry. The tree was in bloom, and it called to me in remembrance. Standing beneath its branches, I received a message that I had died too young, painting the walls and learning the ancient teachings. The tree seemed to hold these memories as I listened to the wind tell me. The grief began to lift through this recognition and honoring of my emotions.

I received the message that I had stood here before, and the tree brought forth this memory and told me I had died too young. The trees breathe these memories, too. The anguish I felt after we left the Plaza of Tepantitla wasn’t just my mother’s or father’s grief but also that of this young mystic who had been so happy and in love but had died.

It seemed all the grief of my Soul was being triggered. I couldn’t tell one lifetime from another. I had been stuck in these energy triggers. The body knows what the Soul remembers. No wonder I wanted to do this mystical work. It confirmed my path in this lifetime and told me I still had unfinished business. It was my purpose. I had the knowledge, even if it was buried deep within. All the memories of these teachings were alive within me.

I continued to breathe, and with this awareness, I felt my emotions release in that moment of recognition. It’s what my Soul needed to finish this contract and move on. The grief lifted.  I felt free and confident knowing who I was and my purpose in this lifetime. I had recovered a deep part of my Soul trapped in past-life grief.

When I returned home, I still felt this shift. I felt the joy within from all this knowledge. The deep grief was gone. I was no longer carrying this energy of sadness. I was finally able to move on. My life began to change into a lightness of joy. My work shifted with this wisdom I carried.

I knew I had journeyed through my life with a consciousness that extended beyond the body. I couldn’t quite remember, but my Soul had shown me. I had evolved through this wisdom. Everything was different.

Guided Back to Teo

It started at the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent Pyramid. This sacred spot, marked by the Pyramid, holds the energy of opening a portal to many levels of consciousness. As we were guided into dreamtime, a Toltec practice that explores aspects and levels of the dream state, I saw what looked like a starship, a planet, or a combination of both. They appeared in beautiful pastel colors, orbs, and rings on my upper left side. At first, I wasn’t amazed or dazzled. It was like it was an everyday occurrence. It was that familiar to me. I continued sitting in the dream time, aware of this energy connection.

When we climbed back up to the top of the Pyramid, I realized what had happened. It wasn’t an ordinary occurrence. No one else had seen it except me. It was my Star people. Through this portal of energy, they had shown up for me. I walked with this knowledge, unsure of all I had experienced, but I held on to this connection, feeling like more would be revealed.  

The next day, we went to the Palace of the Jaguars. Again, I was flooded with memories as I stood before an old, large cactus tree in full bloom with tunas. My body shook with the knowing that I had been here. It felt like the spot I was standing on was where I would begin my days in worship to the light.

I walked through tiny paths and narrow openings, receiving feelings of deja vu. I had traveled through these openings many times. Quickly and in the dark, without fear. I recognized the murals on the walls. The pastel colors of red and greens and pinks, though faded in time, matched the faded memories in me. I also noticed a fascination with the mosaic on the walls. Something else was happening as we continued through these portals. 

We moved through these tunnels and sacred portals of time. On the face of the Pyramid of the Sun, I started to see new colors—waves of reds and greens, waves of light. I was seeing these colors now in the auras around my group.

I continued walking with these orbs of colors to the Pyramid of the Sun as I held this wisdom of knowing. Standing before the Pyramid, as we continued our dreaming, I started seeing light codes being revealed from my Star People. My hands, with commanding energy, began moving in a pattern, over and over. It was like I was painting, yet I was moving energy, reminding me that I am an Artist of the Spirit. I was downloading light codes to use in my work. Attunements that would help me to hold this vibration. Attunements I could use to help others as well.

We were guided to sit and rest. I felt so alive within. I closed my eyes and went back into dreaming, reconnecting with more memories of my lifetime as a Mystic. I was shown that I had been in love. My lover had worked on the mosaics of the walls. We traded jobs from time to time. I would work on the walls, making designs with the tiles, and he would work on the murals—no wonder the mosaic patterns stood out to me.

I had loved so deeply. I allowed the visions to continue. I had memories of being on the Pyramid of the Moon as he was on the Pyramid of the Sun. We had used our Mystic powers to send messages of light back and forth to each other. It had lasted only for a short while before I had died in childbirth. My Soul showed me the connection in this lifetime that I had loved this Soul so deeply and had lost a baby during the pregnancy. That loss had opened my heart to Spirit. I wanted to hold on to this rich love I had known, even with the sadness, but it had held me caught and stuck in my heart, which explained why it had been hard for me to love again so deeply in this lifetime.

As I returned to the present moment, there was a moment when I felt the healing of this love I had known in my current life, which had been very deep in my Soul. This energy parallel had shown me that it had not lasted long either. Rather than death, this time, it ended in divorce, which had always felt like death to me.

It resonated all through my bones. Finally, closure, I thought to myself. I leaned into this knowledge and healing.  An awareness of my Soul energy came forward, it helped me to evolve and grow through all the many lessons coming forward. 

The Soul knows and the body remembers.

A Journey of Healing and Transformation

My experiences in Teotihuacan became a pivotal moment in my healing journey. The sacredness of the space, combined with the ancient wisdom it held, allowed me to release the grip of grief and embrace a renewed sense of purpose. Slipping through energy portals of time, memories were activated within my soul, which acted as catalysts for transformation, clearing old grief, bringing forth wisdom, and opening doors to new possibilities.

Through these doorways of time, a wealth of wisdom allows us to connect to a higher consciousness and navigate the complexities of existence. These portals can unravel the complex web of old contracts and limitations, allowing us to step into our truest purpose and potential.

Exploring sacred spaces has the power to heal and transform us in profound ways. Through my journey to Teotihuacán, I discovered these energy portals’ true potential and ability to release the burdens we carry. 

Connecting with Mother Earth and embracing the wisdom of ancient sites can help us find solace, clarity, and a renewed zest for life. May we all have the courage to embark on our own journeys of healing and transformation guided by the energy of sacred spaces.

This conversation goes deeper on The Empowered Spirit Show with my guest, Freddy Silva discussing his latest book, Portals: Energetic Doorways to Mystical Experiences Between Worlds to which I am a contributing author.

June 17, 2024


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Doorways through Sacred Spaces




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