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As this podcast goes to air, it’s a new year according to the Gregorian calendar which is the calendar used in most parts of the world. It went into effect in 1582 based on 365 days with modifications to be consistent with the earth’s movement around the sun. Like this year.  It’s a leap year so an extra day.  Though not perfect, I also read this on google …  the Gregorian Calendar will take 3300 years before being one day off.

Another way to look at time is through the energy of the Medicine Wheel. Most of us are in the season of Winter, found in the direction of the North. It’s a time of dreaming.  

Cosmically, we’ve just come out of Mercury retrograde, although you probably won’t feel this for another week or so.  We are in the sun sign of Capricorn, an Earth sign helping you to center and ground from all the holiday energy. The year’s first New Moon comes in on Jan 11, next week, which will help jumpstart this year.

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In today’s episode, I wanted to open up with a challenging projection of this year ahead, blending the calenders and allowing the Soul to come forward.

Some of the messages that have been coming in to share are about impatience, loneliness and anxiousness… with an inability to slow down.

So, as we look at the energy of the year ahead … 2024 = 8 a year of infinite potential, we will keep this in mind as I bring these messages forward.

Projections for the year ahead can be extremely helpful, especially when they come from an intuitive mindset that can inspire innovation and creativity, which can uncover novel ideas and approaches that may not be apparent from traditional analysis alone. 

Intuition sparks new perspectives, challenges conventional thinking, and leads to breakthrough solutions.

Gain a deeper understanding of this year ahead as you follow along with the channeled meditation.

Notice what comes up for you.

Thanks again for listening!

To your Spirit,


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January 5, 2024


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