Confession #223

I see Dead People

Ever wonder if dead people are really sending us messages?

I know, it can be spooky.

I must confess, I’ve had my own “hair-raising” moments.

Like one time, I was invited to a mediumship circle. One of my Reiki students had asked me to join their group. I accepted the invitation because I like to experience new things.

There were several interesting things that occurred.

First, when I walked in, one of the people I didn’t know asked if I was related to Hertzl Heiman. “Yes,” I said, “he was my father.” How odd, I thought. She then told me that she lived in a house that she bought from my father.  

Ok… what a coincidence, I thought? But was it?

She then told me she got messages from him all that time and said to tell my mother that he was fine.

With tears in my eyes, I sat down and took that in.

Then… here comes the “spooky” part.

We began the circle by pulling our energies together closing our eyes, and opening up to a centering meditation. 

At that very moment, I heard a loud, thump… thump… thump.

Oh my God I thought, I’m going to see real dead people. My heart was pounding. I couldn’t believe it.

And then… it was the host’s husband! He was fully alive! He just happened to walk in at that moment.

The joke was on me!

But the mediumship circle was for real.

We brought in several more messages from my dad and others.

Our soul never dies.  

Energy is never distorted.

It continues on and on and on.

These messages can be quite healing and reassuring to the human Spirit.

Just hearing the messages from my father brought tears to my eyes and allowed me to feel the love from him at a deeper level.

I still get messages from him and he shows up from time to time in my dreams.

Psychic readings of Spirits, Guides, Ghosts, Angels, and Connections to our loved ones are active right now. The Veils are thinning and the boundaries between dimensions are easier to move through to access information.

It’s a Halloween, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead kind of day, and a dual podcast with my dear friend and former student, Tina Conroy from the Intuitive Woman Show on The Empowered Spirit Show.

This time of year, we recognize the struggles of life as we watch the leaves fall. This can lead to feelings of being of disconnected from everyone.

But know and trust that you are not alone.  

Loved ones, Angels, Guides, God, and Source energy are all around you.  

Feel the empowerment and the depth of your soul as you allow these messages to come in for you. Feel the love and warmth surrounding you.

Find amusement in your life and remember.. just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

Open your heart.

Allow for love and light!

To all your “Spirits”,


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November 2, 2022


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