Summer brings change. Mother Earth is so good about showing us how to approach transitions. For her, it’s natural, although it still has challenges: too early, too late, too hot, too cold. Yet we look to her for the signs.

Do you do this with your life?  

Do you look for signs of your transformation?

The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel, a sacred symbol in Indigenous cultures, is a circular pattern divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant represents different aspects of life, the four directions, and the four elements. The wheel symbolizes balance, harmony, and interconnectedness and is used for spiritual and healing purposes.

On land in my hometown, as I journeyed back to support my aging parents in their final stages of life, I embarked on a deeply personal endeavor – the creation of a Medicine Wheel. Stone by stone, I crafted this sacred space, a sanctuary where I could connect with Mother Earth and find solace amidst life’s inevitable transitions. This profound creation became a haven for me, a place where I could surrender to the natural ebb and flow of existence and offer my prayers and blessings to the universe. As I returned to this sacred spot time and time again, enveloping it with my intentions and gratitude, I witnessed the transformative power of sacred energy intensifying. The Medicine Wheel became not only a physical representation of my spiritual journey but also a testament to the profound connection we share with the world around us.

Indigenous people teach us about our connection with the earth, something I have learned in my studies and creating these sacred spaces. Move a rock, shift some energy, and we can course-correct our lives. Many lessons can be learned as we notice the signs in our lives appear.

The Circle of Life

In my teachings, we begin our journey by facing the east, symbolizing the arrival of Spring. From there, we progress towards the south, embracing the warmth and vitality of Summer. As Autumn approaches, we shift our focus to the west, where we witness the beauty of harvest and transition. Finally, we find ourselves in the north, embracing the stillness and reflection of Winter. This cyclical energy offers a fresh perspective on life, contrasting the linear wall calendars that often dictate our perception. By embracing this circular flow of energy, we open ourselves up to new insights and a deeper understanding of the ever-changing nature of existence.

As we enter a new season, Summer in the northern hemisphere, I find it helpful to engage in a ceremonial practice of cleaning up the Medicine Wheel. This involves tending to the various directions by clearing away weeds, trimming the grass, arranging the rocks, and acknowledging the lessons that come forward for my personal growth. This intentional act of maintenance and reflection allows me to harmonize with the changing energies of the season and cultivate a sense of alignment and gratitude for my own journey.

Many changes are happening within me. Five years ago, after my mother’s death, I set a goal and had just arrived at that five-year mark. Thinking about this, I intended to go to the Medicine Wheel to not only clean up the space but also ask for guidance on my path. 

When I arrived, the horses on the land acted strangely as though they were trying to tell me something.  I had carrots for them and thought they just wanted their treats. Walking the circle is when I started to tune into something greater. Something was wrong. The rocks were a mess, not too uncommon from the strong spring storms. When I approached the center, that’s when it hit. The large quartz crystal marking the center had been taken; others were broken, with empty spaces left where they once were. 

Not only did I feel a part of me violated but also, deep in my soul, I felt for all indigenous people whose land had been destroyed.  The tears were deep. They weren’t just mine, as I recognized, but the sacred spot held the energy of all my ancestors whose land had been taken. It took me a while to pull myself together to bring back the energy of The Medicine Wheel. 

As I sat with Mother Earth, listening to the wind, I asked for the message beyond feeling violated. The message was loud and clear… Terri, it’s time to pull up the remaining crystals, just like it’s time to pull up your roots. Your spiritual contracts are over here; it’s time to catch up with your children for this next phase of life.

That was the guidance I had been asking for. Embodying this message, I began to align the rocks, shifting them around where the crystal point had been, restoring order to what had felt like destruction. Returning home, I felt exhausted.

I returned several days later with some women to help me bring prayers of love back to the Medicine Wheel. As we were standing in the center, sending prayers to the Creator, the most beautiful butterfly landed at my feet. I chuckled, noticing the indigo and black colors that matched my clothes. Butterflies represent transformation, and this message was about spreading my wings and sharing my teachings. It was time to fly. Looking down, I noticed the next sign: a big hawk feather.

Hawk energy is a symbol of courage, strength, and clear vision, traits highly valued in spiritual practices. The appearance of this hawk feather I took as a sign of blessing and guidance from the spirit realm as I stepped forward on my path.

This sacred Medicine Wheel of life has many teachings. Taking time to be on Mother Earth and noticing the signs of your life is a valuable way to feel at one with your Soul and know you are moving through life with your Soul’s guidance.

The Sacred Medicine Wheel holds an abundance of teachings that have the power to profoundly transform our journey. By establishing a connection with Mother Earth and attentively observing the signs that surround us, we can nurture a profound sense of unity with our Soul. This connection enables us to navigate life with the profound wisdom and guidance of our inner being, resulting in a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. Embracing the teachings of the Medicine Wheel empowers us to live harmoniously with ourselves and the world, fostering a deep spiritual alignment and a sense of profound purpose. May we embrace these teachings and embark on a transformative path towards spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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June 24, 2024


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