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As this podcast goes to air, we have moved from the depth of Scorpio and into the expansion of Sagittarius. Ruled by Jupiter and the element of Fire, the Sag energy brings you joy, optimism, and meaning. 

This season is a time to enjoy life, process past events, and be hopeful for what is to come. 

Sagittarius is known as the wanderer, the forever student, and the philosopher, reminding you that there is always something to learn for your personal growth. Remain open, yet have the discernment to the information you take in to expand your consciousness through this shared collective experience. 

Sagittarius can also inspire visions of travel, including long journeys and foreign peoples.  But the thing is, Sagittarius also teaches you that it isn’t the destination that’s important; it’s the journey. And it’s how you face challenges and find meaning through all the twists and turns, especially through this eclipse season. The Sagittarius vibe helps you to view all the events that occur on your path as experiences that help you evolve. All the ups and downs are leading to expansion.

Notice the signs that are appearing to point you in a new direction. It may feel unfamiliar, but is necessary for your evolution.  Fear is a common response to taking a different perspective. But ask yourself if you are making fear-based decisions (ego)  instead of trusting your gut (intuition). Trusting your intuition is key!

Expand.. grow… it’s the journey! Get out of your comfort zone… wake up.. use discernment… notice what you feel. Know your truth and connect with your higher self to allow for guidance. Your soul has much to offer you when you open up to its messages.  My Soul.Work online Intuitive Path program can help you with this. Registration is now open. The course begins in Jan with a bonus masterclass in Intuitive Development this Dec to prepare you for the teachings. Black Friday special!: promocode: soulworkbf

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In today’s episode, I offer a prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude that comes from my work with our indigenous Native American people. A prayer and blessing that has been handed down and has ancient roots that go back over 1000.  In gratitude, we also offer forgiveness to people who were harmed, robbed of their teachings, and forced to live in ways that weren’t theirs.

This prayer is based on the belief that the world, our Mother Earth, cannot be taken for granted. The elements.. FIRE.. AIR… EARTH and WATER are sacred and help to create our spiritual connection to all that is.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that I have always loved because it was “my holiday” with my kids. It was always a time for us to come together and celebrate the season. But then Thanksgiving has strange stories as to how it came about.  A story that was whitewashed to fit America without really understanding what happened to our Native People.

I carry the DNA from both sides.. from settlers coming over and farmers marrying the beautiful indigenous woman. My studies and practices bring forward ancient memories and ceremonies that I cherish in my heart. It leaves me caught somewhere in the middle … 

I have come to learn and embrace my own native heritage.  In doing so, I bring forward this prayer of Thanksgiving that I learned about 20 years ago.  This prayer, or address as it is called, has its ancient roots dating back over 1,000 years to the formation of the Law of Peace by a man called the Peacemaker. 

I share this prayer in honor of our beautiful Mother Earth and the sacred Elements of life. 

May we all come together as one.

Many blessings.

Thanks again for listening.

To your Spirit,


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November 22, 2023


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