Intuition  Certification  included.
Optional:  Reiki Initiation


A 90 Day Intuitive Group Program

Have you felt disconnected from your purpose? Are you finding it difficult to get up in the morning? Are you staying in your job just to pay your bills? Are you feeling lonely during these times? 

Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to Master your Energy to feel energized and inspired about starting your day?

Mastering your Energy means putting attention and priority to your energy body by practicing tools and techniques that strengthen this subtle energy body. 

When you put the time and attention into your energy body and become aware of your Empathic and Intuitive senses, you will learn how to Master your Energy so that you can live with confidence and clarity as you make better decisions in your everyday life. 

What I have seen with my clients is that when they let go of the stress and overwhelm, anger and fear and become present in their life, they make better decisions giving them control of their life.  

Their lives become fulfilling, rewarding and affluent with the lifestyle they create.
Your intuition helps you identify your purpose in life which then leads you to live the life you were called to live.

Since your intuition is attuned to your subconscious, it can point you in the right direction and help you identify dreams that are aligned with your core values and your true sense of purpose.

You can break a habit in 40 days but practice something for 90 days and this will be established in your conscious and subconscious mind. 
It will transform you in a very deep way.  The practice will become part of your life.